4 Reasons Adults are Straightening Their Teeth with Invisalign

Invisalign Sterling HeightsContrary to popular opinion, orthodontic care isn’t just for teens. Millions of adults choose to straighten their teeth every year. Having a straight smile can make your social life more enjoyable, boost your confidence, and reduce your risk for common oral health concerns like gum disease and tooth decay. Our dentist offers Invisalign to accommodate our older patients desiring straighter teeth.

Clear braces like Invisalign make a great treatment option for adults who want a more attractive smile. Following are four common reasons why adults choose Invisalign.

Clear Braces Are Discreet

Invisalign is very inconspicuous. Since Invisalign’s aligners are constructed from clear plastic, patients won’t have to worry about their braces distracting others in conference rooms or at social events. Invisalign makes it possible to straighten your teeth as discreetly as possible.

Invisalign is Comfortable

Aligners are made from smooth plastic instead of brackets and wires. Their smooth surfaces produce far less irritation to soft oral tissue than conventional braces. Less soft tissue irritation translates to more comfortable treatment.

Invisalign is Removable

Traditional braces can make practicing oral hygiene cumbersome and frustrating. For instance, threading floss behind the archwire over each tooth isn’t the easiest task. Fortunately, Invisalign’s aligners are removable, which makes brushing and flossing easy and convenient.

In addition to easy oral hygiene, removable aligners make it possible to enjoy your favorite foods without difficulty or obstruction. With conventional braces, however, it’s even possible to break archwires and brackets with certain food items.

Invisalign Doesn’t Require Frequent Dental Appointments

Traditional orthodontia requires keeping frequent appointments for adjustments and repairs. Invisalign does not. Since new aligners are worn every two weeks, visiting our dentist for adjustments isn’t necessary. You will only need to visit the dentist every four to six weeks to check your progress with Invisalign, which can save patients a substantial amount of time.

Achieving a straighter smile is easy with Invisalign. If you would like to find out if this treatment option meets your needs, call Forever Young Dentistry to schedule a consultation with our dentist.