Are You Prepared To Handle A Dental Emergency?

  • November 21, 2016

Volleyball, soccer, football, basketball … these can be great sports to watch and to play. But, they can also lead to dental emergencies if something goes wrong.

If that happens to you or someone you love, then the right thing to do is call Forever Young Dentistry in Sterling Heights, MI, for emergency dental care.

Dr. Young knows that emergencies are never convenient, and they often don’t occur during regular office hours.

If you call our office number, 586-698-7135, after hours, you will find Dr. Young’s mobile phone number on the answering machine. This is so you can contact him as soon as possible to get the help that you need.

We hope you never need us for this reason, but Forever Young Dentistry is ready to respond to your emergency dental needs.


Emergency Dental Situations

You could be watching your daughter’s volleyball match when two players run into one another trying to chase down the ball.

You could be cheering your son in a soccer match when a mistimed header strikes him in the mouth instead.

You could be walking back to your car when you get distracted and walk into a post.

Any of these situations could lead to a broken tooth or a cause a tooth or teeth to get knocked out of their sockets. Dental emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere.

Knowing what to do in those situations can sometimes make a big difference in the treatment available to you or your loved one.

If someone has a broken tooth …

It’s important for this person to rinse his or her mouth as soon as possible. This is done to remove any blood.

If the bleeding continues, get some gauze to hold over the affected area. The gauze can soak up the blood and be use apply pressure to stop the bleeding. Change gauze as needed, and when the bleeding stops, the person can rinse his or her mouth again.

The gauze can serve another purpose as well by covering the broken tooth. (Dental wax can also be used.) Broken teeth can have sharp edges or points that could cut the soft tissues of the mouth. Covering the tooth will reduce your risk of an accidental cut.

As soon as you are able, call Forever Young Dentistry to discuss your situation and to make arrangements to get treatment.

An over-the-counter pain reliever may be helpful, and an ice or cold pack could numb the pain and reduce swelling.

If someone loses a tooth or teeth …

Find the tooth if possible and pick it up by the crown. Avoid picking it up by the root. Rinse the tooth and the mouth of the person who lost it.

As with the broken tooth, gauze can be used to soak up blood and stop bleeding. Once the mouth and the tooth are clean, try placing the tooth back in its socket.

If the tooth will stay leave it there until you can meet with Dr. Young. If the tooth falls out, you should place it in a container of milk and bring it with you when you see the dentist.

Again, a pain reliever or ice pack may be helpful in reducing pain and swelling.


Mouthguards Can Prevent Dental Emergencies

Our preference would be that you never have any dental emergency. We also know that people accept that injuries are possible, particularly while playing high-impact sports.

That’s also why many of those sports require protective equipment. Helmets, shoulder pads, and knee pads are pretty standard.

We wish more athletes would wear athletic mouthguards as well. Mouthguards can make a big difference in keep your teeth and jaw protected.

In fact, a custom-fitted athletic mouthguard, like the ones we can make at Forever Young Dentistry, is the best way to protect your teeth during any high-impact sports.

High-impact sports involve contact, frequent changes of speed and direction, and/or frequent jumping and landing.

Now would be a good time for basketball players, hockey players, and wrestlers to get fitted for a custom-made athletic mouthguard.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your children or yourself. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to protect your smile.


Are You Ready To Act In A Dental Emergency?

If you live in or near Sterling Heights, MI, keep our phone number handy — 586-698-7135 — in case you ever find yourself in need of an emergency dentist.

Dr. Young will do anything he can to help alleviate any pain you may be experiencing and to get you the right treatment for your situation.

And please, make an appointment today to get a mouthguard for any athletes in your family. We’d rather make a mouthguard today than try to replace lost teeth tomorrow.