Break These Bad Brushing Habits

  • April 18, 2019

dentist Sterling HeightsHaving great dental health doesn’t happen by accident. Our daily diet coupled with lifestyle habits have a great deal to do with our oral condition. The tools and technique involved with daily toothbrushing are important contributors to dental health. Visits with the dentist every six months are needed to support a good daily teeth maintenance program.

Teeth Brushing Tools

You may take your toothbrush for granted; but using the right one, storing in properly, and replacing it frequently can make a difference in your dental health.

Use a soft bristle brush. A hard bristle toothbrush can lead to premature gum erosion and wearing away of protective dental enamel. An electric toothbrush is a great tool for several reasons. The bristles provide rapid teeth cleaning action so all you have to do is guide the brush to reach the front, back, and surface of all teeth. A built in timer signals when you’ve brushed the recommended two minutes.

Thoroughly rinse your toothbrush both before and following use.

Your toothbrush should be replaced every three months or more frequently if you notice the bristles have become worn.

Your toothbrush should be stored in a way that allows it to air dry between uses. When kept enclosed in a case, the moist conditions allow for bacteria to develop and grow. If several toothbrushes are stored in close proximity, make sure they are not allowed to touch to prevent passing bacteria between users.

If you have been ill, make sure your toothbrush is sanitized to prevent illness from reoccurring. Or better yet, replace your toothbrush.

Never share your toothbrush.

Tooth Brushing Technique

You should use a circular motion cleaning a few teeth at a time making sure you reach all surfaces. Never “scrub” your teeth using a back and forth sawing motion. Hard pressure while you brush is not needed to adequately clean your teeth.

Your toothbrush only reaches about two thirds of the surfaces of your teeth. Flossing your teeth daily will remove debris you could not brush away; and when done correctly will invigorate gum tissue.

The correct tools and technique will contribute to maintaining great dental health. Visit our team at Forever Young Dentistry twice a year to have plaque build-up removed, teeth polished and a dental exam. Eat a healthy diet and don’t use tobacco; follow these basic rules and hopefully you’ll enjoy great oral health for life.