Comforting Ways To Ease Dental Fear

  • March 21, 2016

You wake up knowing that today is the day. Maybe you could call in sick? Maybe you should cancel it?

No … you need to go. It’s been too long since you’ve been to the dentist. It took some effort to make your appointment, but now you want to follow through with it.

That doesn’t make it any easier, but one thing that will help is making that appointment at Forever Young Dentistry in Sterling Heights, MI.

We make every effort to make your dental visit as comfortable as we can. We can get through this together.

Relating To You

Our dentist, Dr. Young, has said that he strives to put himself in his patients’ shoes.

He will tell you that he is is claustrophobic, which made getting an MRI a difficult experience. While the situations are different, he knows that some of our patients experience similar feelings of anxiety when they sit down in a dentist’s chair.

This affects how we relate to every patient who visits our office. With that in mind, we focus on listening to your concerns and on making your visit as comfortable as possible.

Some patients enjoy having something to take their mind off their treatment. For this reason, we have televisions in each examination room, or you can listen to music during your procedure if you prefer.

While you wait, we have free coffee, tea, and water. We even bake fresh bread in our office for our patients.

We also provide pillows for patients who would like one during their exams, and we offer lip balm for patients who would like some. And we’ve learned that many patients are comforted by having something to hold, like a small squeezable ball, during their procedure.

If there is anything our staff can do to help you feel more comfortable, please let us know.

Experience With Anxious Patients

One of the reasons we are confident that we can help you is because we have helped many patients who have a fear of the dentist.

We have had patients, like Ted, who have returned to our office in spite of their anxiety.

If you watch the video, you will hear Ted speak about how he sometimes has trouble sleeping the night before his appointment. But one of the things that helps to put his mind at ease is knowing that he is coming to Forever Young Dentistry.

Dental Sedation

We make every effort to help our patients relax, but we also know some people need more than a hot cup of coffee, a pillow, and a television program.

This is why we also offer two types of sedation dentistry in our office.

► Oral Conscious Sedation

The first kind of sedation that we offer is oral conscious sedation.

If you choose this form of sedation, you will take a pill prior to your procedure whether it is a professional cleaning or something more complicated.

You will be feeling the calming effects of the sedation before you are a seated in the exam chair. You may feel drowsy or even fall asleep. In either case, you may not remember much, if anything, about your procedure.

Nevertheless, this will allow Dr. Young or our dental hygienist, Robin, to clean your teeth and gums so your mouth can be as healthy as possible.

You should be aware that the effects of oral sedation can last for a few hours. You will need a family member or friend who can drive you home, and you may want to take a nap when you get there.

► Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous oxide has actually been used by dentists for more than a century. Dentists and doctors have known about its pain relieving qualities for a long time.

With nitrous oxide, we will place a small mask over your nose. As you breathe in the nitrous oxide, you will feel a euphoric feeling come over you.

This will help you stay calm and comfortable throughout your treatment. When we are finished, we just need to turn off the gas.

By breathing, you will return to feeling like your normal self. You will be able to go on with the rest of your day knowing that you have received the dental care that you need.

Ask Questions

If you have any questions about our comfort options or our sedation options, feel free to contact us by stopping by our dentist office in Sterling Hills, MI.

You also are welcome to call Forever Young Dentistry at 586-698-7135 or to contact us through our online form.

We look forward to seeing you soon.