Congenitally Missing Teeth: Are dental implants an option?

implant dentist Sterling HeightsCongenitally missing teeth are a dental anomaly that can occur as a family trait passed down from one generation to the next. The most common types of congenitally missing teeth are second premolars and lateral incisors. If you’re missing a tooth, our implant dentist can help. Dental implants make for excellent replacement teeth, including those that are congenitally missing.

Should congenitally missing teeth be replaced?

If you’re missing an adult tooth that never developed, replacing it with a prosthetic will improve your oral function and the appearance of your smile. When one tooth is missing, it places excessive force upon other teeth, which can lead to untimely tooth wear and permanent damage. Excessive wear to teeth could lead to increased risks for dental injuries, decay, and tooth loss.

Having an incomplete smile also contributes to emotional concerns. People with missing teeth tend to have heightened risks for depression and social anxiety. Restoring the appearance of your smile could help boost your self-esteem and confidence.

Why should I choose dental implants?

As far as tooth replacement goes, dental implants are the only way to replace all of a tooth’s structure. Traditional tooth replacement methods only replace the visible portions (crowns) of teeth. A dental implant, however, is a prosthetic that replaces the roots of teeth. Implants can be used to hold a variety of restorations and prosthetics so that patients can enjoy structurally complete replacement teeth.

Dental implants also present unique advantages when compared to unsupported bridges and dentures. Since the implant is embedded into the jaw, it keeps the bone stimulated, therefore preventing bone deterioration. Implants also lend support to neighboring teeth so that they do not migrate into empty tooth sockets.

The restorations and prosthetics attached to dental implants can provide a lifelike appearance. Crowns, bridges, and dentures made from porcelain are the perfect material to mimic the appearance and texture of biological structures. Porcelain comes in an array of white shades that can blend in perfectly with remaining teeth.

If you have questions about your tooth replacement options, call Forever Young Dentistry to reserve a consultation with our implant dentist.