Dental Emergencies: You’re A Priority At Forever Young Dentistry

Dental emergencies can happen at any time and when they do, you’ll want to have a dental practice in Sterling Heights, MI, that cares about you enough to see you after hours or on the weekend to treat your dental emergency.

Everyone knows the stigma that goes along with emergency rooms at the hospital. When you go to the emergency room, you are pretty much hurrying up to wait, which means you are hurrying to get to the hospital to have your emergency treated, but when you get there, you will have to wait to be seen.

But the inconveniences for a medical emergency don’t stop there. Not only will you have to brave the crowds in an emergency room at a hospital, but when you get there, you will have to wait in an uncomfortable room to be seen by the doctor. On top of that, you’ll have to share a small space in the waiting room with other people who are suffering from various other emergencies.

The mood in that hospital waiting room can create nothing but anxiety and stress. At Forever Young Dentistry, we want to be there for you when your dental emergency comes to pass, and we want to make you comfortable and relieve your pain as soon as possible.

How You’ll Alert Us That You’ve Suffered A Dental Emergency

One of the great things about being a patient at Forever Young Dentistry is that you pretty much have a dentist on call to treat a dental emergency if you or a family member were to suffer one. If your emergency happens during the day, you can simply call our office to set up an appointment, usually for that same day.

But here’s how it works is that when a dental emergency occurs in the middle of the night. You will call our office, and it will go to voicemail. In the voicemail message, there will be a number to call in case of an emergency, and that is the number you should call when you or a loved one suffers from a dental emergency.

When you call this number, Dr. Young will be alerted and will get in contact with you to ask you a few questions about your injury. Those questions will help determine if what you are suffering from is, in fact, a dental emergency, because we know that you shouldn’t be expected to know what is a dental emergency and what isn’t.

If your injury is determined to be an emergency, Dr. Young will meet you at his office as soon as possible to repair the damage that has been done. You won’t have to wait in a stuffy waiting room because you’ll be our number one priority!

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a dental practice that cares as much about their patients and their patients’ families as much as Forever Young Dentistry, and that is evident through our treatment for your family’s dental emergencies.

How You Should Handle Your Dental Emergency      

A knocked-out tooth is one of the most common dental emergencies we see. Anyone who has ever lost one of their natural teeth will tell you how valuable they are and that you should do everything in your power to make sure you keep them.

When your tooth or teeth are knocked out, the very first thing you should do is find the teeth that were knocked out and attempt to preserve them. If you preserve them correctly and call us for an appointment immediately, Dr. Young may be able to place them back in your mouth and they will be as good as new!

The easiest way to preserve your teeth is to place them in a glass of milk or warm tap water. Doing this is an easy step and will keep your teeth alive until Dr. Young can place them back in your mouth. After you preserve the teeth, be sure to rinse the inside of your mouth with warm tap water to clean the wound left behind.

If a dental emergency arises and you need immediate attention, or even if you’re not sure if it is a dental emergency, call Forever Young Dentistry at 586-698-7135 to make an appointment, or use our simple online contact form.