Dental Emergency: Do you have a game plan?

  • June 8, 2020

dental emergency Sterling HeightsIf you should encounter a dental emergency for yourself or a family member, do you know the best way to handle it? Call your dental provider and explain exactly what is happening. Most dentists reserve a segment of their day to treat emergencies so you can be seen the same day. In many cases, immediate care is imperative to a positive outcome.

A Good Game Plan Involves Preparation

Carry and post in plain sight the name and contact information of your dental provider. You never know when a fall or some type of dental trauma might occur. Caregivers should also have access to this information.

Many dentists provide after hours emergency contact information … make sure to carry and post that as well.

Safeguard your home to eliminate areas that could result in injury. Stay alert; avoid distractions.

If you or your child engage in activities such as contact sports, cycling, skating, or rollerblading, you should invest in the proper protective gear. While helmets and pads are the obvious forms of protection, a mouthguard is essential and can protect teeth, jaws, and soft oral tissues from injury.

A Little Education Can’t Hurt 

Learning what to do if there is a dental emergency can be crucial to the outcome.

A cut in the mouth can bleed profusely. Use a clean cloth or gauze to try to control bleeding. Seek professional help as needed.

A tooth that gets knocked out may be able to be saved with a rapid and correct response. The tooth should be cleaned under running water and replaced in the socket, if possible. Or place the dislodged tooth in milk or a Save-A-Tooth container and let your dentist know you are on your way. That tooth may be salvaged with the correct and prompt action.

A toothache can occur for any number of reasons … decay, fracture, or gum disease can all lead to tooth discomfort. It is unlikely that it will heal without treatment so seek care as soon as possible. Delay in treatment often leads to a worsening problem.

Taking great care of your oral health is important … brush and floss daily; and make sure you visit our team at Forever Young Dentistry every six months for cleaning and exam.