Enjoy Custom Crowns In Just One Appointment

dental crown Sterling Heights A dental crown can be used to resolve many dental problems. If your dentist diagnoses the need for a crown your brain might think things like multiple, time consuming dental visits; temporaries that may require replacing while you wait for a dental lab to make your crown; and all the time you may have to take off work, miss school, or hire babysitters to get the job done. But none of that will be needed if your dentist offers Planmeca Fit System same-day crowns!

How Does The Planmeca Fit System Work?

CAD/CAM technology and on-site equipment allows your dentist to diagnose, develop, and deliver a quality porcelain crown in one dental visit.

Computers in the dental office provide more than streamlined scheduling and billing. Computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) are implemented along with other aids to make your same day crown experience far better than you might have imagined.

There is no longer the need to utilize messy impression material. A slick intraoral digital camera takes a precision impression which is forwarded to the onsite milling unit where a small piece of porcelain can fabricate your crown in a matter of minutes.

Your dentist can try on, trim as needed, polish, and deliver your crown in one easy dental visit.

Crowns Serve Many Purposes – Does This Work For All of Them?

Absolutely … if a crown is needed, the Planmeca Fit System can do the job. These crowns repair problems like:

Deep dental decay – Your dentist may feel like additional treatment to place another filling in a tooth may result in breaking the tooth down. A crown provides the ideal solution allowing the patient relief from discomfort with a beautiful, long lasting restoration.

Fractured tooth – A broken tooth should be repaired as soon as possible. Delay can result in the need for root canal therapy.

Sealing a tooth following endodontic care – If a root canal was required, the opening in the tooth very likely will be sealed with a dental crown.

Our dentist will be happy to discuss all the options available to you. But if a crown is recommended, you can be assured that with the Planmeca Fit System, our team is providing you with a streamlined approach to the highest quality of dental care available.

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