Finding A Dental Practice That Will Treat Your Entire Family

  • February 1, 2016

Having children of your own can be one of the greatest joys in the world! Once you have a child, he or she immediately becomes your world, and everything that you do revolves around their happiness and health. That is what being a parent is all about: making sure that your children have the means necessary to succeed in life by setting them up to live a good life. But those joys that come with being a parent also have their difficult aspects to them.

Making sure that your child is happy and healthy is a lot of work and can stress out even the greatest of parents. Any time you have to leave home, you have to prepare by bringing anything that your child will need while you are out, and that includes going to the dentist. That is where we come in at Forever Young Dentistry. We want to help ease some of the stress that goes along with taking your whole family out in public.

A Family-Oriented Staff To Make Your Dental Appointment Easier

One thing that Dr. Michael Young has made sure to do is to hire a staff that knows how to treat your family with respect and love to the point where every member of your family will feel comfortable from the moment they walk through the door. Our staff at Forever Young Dentistry has the training necessary to handle every member of your family, young and old. The fact that most of them have families of their own is the cherry on top. Knowing what having a family of their own is like lends to their experience in dealing with any family member who schedules an appointment with us.

Our staff includes two full-time front desk employees, two full-time dental assistants, two full-time dental hygienists, and two part-time hygienists, and each one of them is experienced in treating every member of the family, no matter the age. One of the main concerns for parents who come in for an appointment is what their children will be doing while they’re in the chair having their teeth worked on. While you are having your dental procedure done, your child can come back with you and be right next to you, and our staff will talk to your child and keep them busy. We will ask them questions and make them feel comfortable because this is an excellent way to get your child used to the dentist. We will treat your family like a member of our own family while they are at Forever Young Dentistry!

Your Child’s First Dental Visit At Forever Young Dentistry

We see a lot of children at Forever Young Dentistry, and our staff genuinely enjoys seeing them on a daily basis. It really brightens their day! While we don’t do pediatric dentistry, we will see your child around the age of 3 for their first dental visit! Seeing your child for their first dental visit is something that a lot of dental practices don’t want to deal with, and that is part of what makes our family dentistry practice so special.

All children are different, and we know that not every child will initially enjoy their visit to the dentist’s office. That is why we’ve developed a few techniques to get your child to relax and feel comfortable while they are in our office. We will begin by talking to them to make them realize that our staff is friendly and has their best interests in mind. Next, we will give them a tour of our office and show them televisions that we have for them to watch as well as the gadgets around the office. We will then give them a ride in the dental chair to make the dentist’s office seem fun! Our goal is to make sure that your family is comfortable when they are at Forever Young Dentistry!

If you are looking for a family dentist that will treat your entire family and make them feel at home, call us at 586-698-7135 to make an appointment, or use our simple online contact form.