Get Crowned Sooner By Your Dentist

  • May 5, 2016

What is a crown?

The dictionary tells us that it can be a “circular ornamental headdress worn by a monarch.” Another definition is the peak or highest point of something.

In dentistry, crowns mean something quite different. They are a means of repairing a damaged tooth or replacing a tooth that is lost, missing, or removed.

If you should need a dental crown, then you also deserve to get it placed as soon as possible. This is why we offer same-day dental crown at Forever Young Dentistry in Sterling Heights, MI. Keep reading to find out how a dental crown may be able to help you or someone you know.

What Can Dental Crowns Do?

Dental crowns are a great way to repair teeth, to rebuild the appearance of your smile, and to restore your chewing and biting ability.

Here are some of the reasons our patients have received dental crowns:

  • Decayed teeth
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Root canal treatments
  • Missing teeth

How Can You Get A Dental Crown?

The procedure is similar at most dental practices, but there is a key difference you should know about.

Let’s say you have a cracked tooth. The dentist may determine that the crack is only going to get worse, and your best bet to prevent further problems is to get a dental crown.

The dentist will reshape your tooth by removing the area that has the crack. The strongest parts of your tooth will be shaped into an abutment. This is a support where the dentist can bond your dental crown in place.

Here’s where the difference comes into play. This is important for you.

At many dentist offices, the dentist will put a temporary crown on your tooth. This temporary crown is meant to protect your abutment until your real crown is ready. This also means you will need to make another appointment to have your permanent crown bonded to your tooth.

In the meantime, your temporary crown could come loose, fall off, or crack. Hopefully, this won’t happen for your sake and the sake of your tooth.

At Forever Young Dentistry, we have eliminated that problem by offering same-day dental crowns. The same day that our dentist reshapes your tooth, you will have your permanent crown bonded in place before you leave.

You won’t have to fool with a temporary crown, and you won’t have to make another appointment to complete the dental crown procedure.

Planmeca Fit

We use the Planmeca Fit system to create our same-day dental crowns.

Some offices use CEREC, and once upon a time we did, too. We switched to Planmeca Fit when we saw for ourselves that his was a better option for you, our patients.

With Planmeca Fit, we do not have to make impressions of your teeth. Instead, we can make a three-dimensional scan of your teeth. This is used to create a digital image, that is sent to Planmeca Fit system.

While you wait, the milling machine will create a ceramic crown designed to fit perfectly in your mouth.

For many years, dentists made crowns with metals. Gold and amalgam (mercury combined with other metals) would restore the function of your damaged tooth, but they didn’t exactly improve your smile.

In truth, those crowns effectively told the world, “Hey, look at which of my teeth got messed up.”

Ceramic crowns provide all the same function of those metal crowns with the added benefit of looking like a real tooth. The ceramic can be shaded to match the rest of your teeth. This way your smile will look natural.

Many people will never know that one of your teeth isn’t “real” unless you decide to tell them.

Putting Technology To Use For Our Patients

Many people have said, “You can’t stop progress.” One area where humans continue to make new developments is technology.

At our dentist in Sterling Heights, MI, we have incorporated technology, like the Planmeca Fit system, that will provide the maximum benefits to our patients. We don’t believe you should have to make an extra appointment to repair your teeth when we can get the job done in a single visit to our office.

Call 586-698-7135 or fill out our online form if you would like to find out if a dental crown from Forever Young Dentistry could help you.