Hit The Right Notes With Invisalign

Timmy is a trumpet player in his high school marching band.

Timmy has loved playing the trumpet ever since he picked one up in the fifth grade, and he’s been looking forward to marching band season all summer.

There’s one small issue, however, Timmy is getting braces. At least, that is the plan.

Both of his parents wore braces when they were about the age he is now. They told him that he would probably need orthodontic care, too.

If Timmy and his parents were patients at Forever Young Dentistry in Sterling Heights, MI, then they may have known that Timmy has another option besides braces.

He may want to use Invisalign® instead.

Talking To Tom

During band camp, Timmy talked to his friends who already have braces. He wanted to be ready for whatever might happen.

They told him that the braces hurt a little at first … and they hurt a little each time they are adjusted.

They told him about having to be diligent about keeping teeth out of their braces. One of his pals, Sam (a saxophone player), even showed him the little brushes that he has to use to make sure nothing is caught in his braces after he eats.

Timmy also noticed something else. Tom, who had been a trumpet player last year, was now practicing with the percussionists.

During a break in learning this year’s marching formation, Timmy asked Tom why he had stopped playing the trumpet.

Tom pointed to his braces.

Timmy said he didn’t understand.

Tom got his brace a couple months ago. He knew he would have to give up some of his favorite snacks (like pretzels and popcorn), but he didn’t anticipate it affecting his band participation.

Tom said he tried playing the trumpet a couple times after getting his braces, but it wasn’t the same. When he tried to play, his braces would dig into the inside of his mouth, and he couldn’t get the notes to sound right.

Tom’s orthodontist gave him some wax to put over his braces, but that only helped a little. It didn’t take long for the braces to cut through the wax, and then it was the same problem all over again.

Tom told Tim that he still wanted to be part of the band, so he asked the director to switch to the snare drum instead.

Talking To Terri

The next day at band camp, Timmy couldn’t help thinking about what Tom had told him.

When he asked other band members about braces, some of them share similar experiences to what Tom described. Some had switched instruments and others learned to live with the pain.

Timmy decided to mention his situation to the band director. The director suggested that he talk to Terri.

Terri was a senior. She was the leader of the brass section. Timmy was a little nervous about when he approached her during the next break. (Timmy had a big of a crush on Terri, to be honest.)

Terri said she knew exactly what Timmy was going through. She had completed orthodontic treatment about 6 months ago. Timmy never even knew that she had braces. (Well, that’s because she didn’t have them.)

She knew about the problems braces had caused some of her friends, so she was determined to find another option. In her research, she learned about Invisalign.

Terri explained that with Invisalign she wore these plastic mouthpieces instead of having brackets and wires on her teeth. It didn’t take long for her to adjust to playing her trumpet with Invisalign, and she said she never had the pains that her friends had told her about.

Terri also said that her friends with braces were a little jealous about her aligners. (That’s what the mouthpieces are called.) She could take them out whenever it was time to eat, so she didn’t have to give up any of her favorite foods. She also didn’t need special tools to clean between her braces and her teeth.

That’s sounded much better to Timmy than braces.

As soon as he got home, he told his parents was Terri had told him about Invisalign. Together they went online and found that a dentist office in Sterling Heights, MI, offered Invisalign. That was close to where they lived.

They called that day to schedule an appointment to find out if Invisalign could work for Timmy like it had worked for Terri.

Keep On Playing

We made up the story about Timmy, but you may want to consider the issues he was facing. Braces can affect how people play certain instruments, along with the other issues that come with wearing braces.

Invisalign may be more comfortable and convenient for your marching band member.

To find out more, all you have to do is fill out our online form or call 586-698-7135 to schedule a consultation at Forever Young Dentistry.