How Cosmetic Dentistry Could Help You

  • September 16, 2016

As a general dental practice, we try to meet a wide range of needs for all our patients.

We offer preventive care, which is the foundation of family dentistry.

We offer restorative care to help any patient who may need a tooth or teeth repaired or replaced.

And we offer cosmetic dentistry, which is the focus of today’s post. Many people are interested in the cosmetic procedures that we offer at Forever Young Dentistry.

Our cosmetic services can address a range of problem, but you may not always know which procedure to ask about. Today, we will identify some common concerns that we hear along with a service or multiple services that could help address that issue.

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“My teeth are yellow/stained/discolored.”

➤ Possible procedures: teeth whitening, veneers, Snap-On Smile

The right solution for this situation will depend on two factors — the cause of the discoloration and your personal preferences

As we get older, it’s normal for our teeth to become yellower or darker. The cumulative effect of all the meals we’ve eaten, all the snacks we’ve consumed, and every cup of coffee or tea that we have swallowed adds up over time.

Professional teeth whitening is an excellent way to remove these stains from your teeth. We offer a variety of teeth whitening products to meet our patients’ needs.

Porcelain veneers can provide similar results by covering your teeth instead of removing those deep stains. Veneers are crafted to fit on the front of your smile, and they are bonded in place so your teeth can look as white as you would like.

If you are hesitant to try something as permanent as veneers, we also offer Snap-On Smile. This is removable cover that you can snap onto your teeth. You can use this as a solution in and of itself, or you can consider it reversible trial to help you decide if you want to get veneers at some point down the road.

“My teeth are chipped or worn down.”

➤ Possible procedures: Dental bonding, veneers, Snap-On Smile

Our teeth can become damaged in more ways that we can list here. Chipping can occur from biting down on something hard, and our teeth can get worn down from habitual behavior.

Dental bonding involves the application of a composite resin to your teeth. This resin matches the color of your teeth, and when it hardens, your teeth will look whole once again.

If you need to repair several teeth, veneers may be a more practical solution. This way you can fix at the same time. And again, Snap-On Smile is an alternative to full veneers.

“My teeth are crooked or crowded.”

➤ Possible procedures: Invisalign, veneers, Snap-On Smile

Orthodontic care is a common treatment for teeth that are misaligned. At Forever Young Dentistry, we offer Invisalign® as an alternative to traditional braces.

This system uses a transparent plastic aligners to push your teeth into a straight position. Many people find this more discreet, more comfortable, and more convenient than braces.

And yet again, veneers and Snap-On Smile can be used to change the appearance of your teeth without changing the actual position of those teeth.

“My teeth have gaps between them.”

➤ Possible procedures: dental bonding, Invisalign, veneers, Snap-On Smile

How you handle gaps between your teeth may be affected by the size of the gap and if you want to address other issues at the same.

If a gap is relatively small and the only thing you would like to change, we may be able to use dental bonding to fill build up the teeth and close that space.

A larger gap may call for orthodontic care, which is when Invisalign would be a good solution.

And we also come back to your option of covering up your teeth with either porcelain veneers or Snap-On Smile.

Find Your Solution

You may have an idea of what you would like to change about your smile, but you may not be aware of all the options you have to address those issues.

Our dentist can help if you schedule a consultation at our office in Sterling Heights, MI. Again, you can make an appointment by calling 586-698-7135 or by filling out our online form.

We look forward to helping you create the smile that you deserve.