How To Hold On To Your Dentures

  • February 24, 2016

Think back to your wedding day. It was one of the happiest days of your life.

Now imagine if at an important point in the ceremony … your dentures fell out.

It happened to this bride. She seemed to handle it as well as she could, but if you have dentures then you probably know what she was thinking at this moment.

You may not have lost your dentures at your wedding, but you may have had similar moments while talking to a client at work, during a meal with friends, or while telling a story to your children or grandchildren.

With traditional dentures, you never know when they could fall out. It may be while you are eating. It may be while you are talking. It may happen while you are skydiving.

Our team at Forever Young Dentistry wants you to keep your dentures in your mouth, which is why we offer dental implants at our dentist office in Sterling Heights, MI.

What’s Wrong With Dentures?

Approximately 23 million Americans no longer have any of their natural teeth, and another 12 million are missing one complete arch of teeth, according to the American College of Prosthodontists.

A vast majority of people who lose an arch or two replace them with dentures.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with having dentures. They look better than having no teeth at all, and they do allow you to eat some things.

But are they really the same as replacing your lost teeth?

You didn’t worry about your real teeth getting pulled out when you took a bite of corn on the cob of a fresh, crisp apple.

You weren’t concerned that your teeth might pop out when you were visiting with one of your friends.

You never had to worry that your teeth falling out would unintentionally become the punchline to your joke.

Dental implants can save you from those embarrassing moments and take away your worries about the next time it might happen.

Secure And Stable

Let’s imagine your had three pieces of wood to build a small table. Two short pieces will serve as the legs, while the bigger piece will be the surface.

How much would you trust that table if it was held in place by an adhesive? Would you have more faith that it would remain in one piece if you used screws to connect the pieces together?

This is basically the difference between traditional dentures and dentures with dental implants.

With traditional dentures, you are counting on an adhesive to hold everything in place. You already know how well that works … and sometimes doesn’t.

With dental implants, your dentures will be held securely in your mouth, and they will remain stable when you are eating and speaking. (We don’t know if anyone has tested them while skydiving, but we believe they would be more likely to stay in place than regular dentures.)

Dental implants are meant to replace the roots of your teeth. They are placed directly into your jawbone, and your bone bonds to the implants. As your mouth heals, the bone holds the implants firmly in place.

This provides a solid foundation for your dentures, which is also good for your oral health.

A Stronger Option

Like we said, dental implants replace the roots of your teeth. Your roots are like anchors that hold your teeth in place.

Dental implants can do the same thing for dental crowns, for a dental bridge, and for your dentures.

We can strategically place dental implants in your mouth to give you security and stability. You can feel confident that your teeth won’t fall out during a business presentation or when you are giving your order to a waiter the next time you go out to eat.

Just as important, you can order whatever you would like to eat.

Dental implants improve your bite force significantly compared to traditional dentures. In fact, implants can give you a bite force close or equal to what you had when you had all your natural teeth.

You will be able to eat apples and corn on the cob again. You will be able to chew steak and enjoy it. You can bite into a piece of crispy fried chicken.

Life is easier and more enjoyable when you can eat whatever you like, and dental implants can help make that possible.

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