How Veneers Can Improve Your Smile

  • February 21, 2016

When is the last time you saw a picture of yourself? Were you smiling in the photo?

We live in a world of camera phones, selfies, and social media. Even if you are one of the people who does not have an account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever the next social media platform will be, you probably have friends and relatives who do.

And that means, whether you like it or not, your picture is probably available online.

Very few people are born with a perfect teeth, but anybody can get one with cosmetic dentistry. And veneers may be the simplest, fastest, and most effective way to change your smile.

You don’t have to go to Hollywood to get them either. Forever Young Dentistry offers them for all our patients in and around Sterling Heights, MI.

If you would like to learn more about veneers, stop by our dentist office or keep reading.

What Are Veneers?

Before we explain what porcelain veneers can do, let’s explain what veneers are.

Veneers are a shell or cover that we can bond directly to your teeth. This shell can change the appearance of your teeth in a number of ways.

It’s sort of like getting false fingernails. If you’ve ever had them, you know they can make your nails look much better than they might on their own.

Now, generally false fingernails are a temporary solution. No one expect them to last more than a few weeks.

That’s where veneers are different. If you are someone who doesn’t like your smile, you want something that will last for decades. Veneers will.

Porcelain veneers are bonded securely to your teeth, and porcelain is sturdy, which means it can hold up against the wear and tear your teeth go through every day.

What Can Veneers Do?

A whole lot … if you are looking to improve your smile.

Many Hollywood celebrities are known for having beautiful smiles, but many of them got those smiles as a result of cosmetic dentistry.

Remember that the next time you are pages through a celebrity magazine looking at photo after photo of people with perfect “teeth.”

Veneers are one of the most versatile options in cosmetic dentistry. Here are a few of the ways they can change your smile:

  • Veneers can whiten your smile.

You’ll find that often there is more than one way to correct a problem, and that’s true for people who have yellow or discolored teeth.

Teeth whitening, which we also offer, is one way to remove stains from your teeth.

Not all discoloration is the result of staining, however. You may have yellow teeth because of tooth decay, a side effect of certain medicines, or worn down enamel.

Veneers can make your teeth appear as white and as bright as you would like them to be. It doesn’t matter if your teeth are yellow because you love coffee and tea just a little too much or because your enamel has worn away.

  • Veneers can straighten your smile.

If you have crooked teeth, you have two options: orthodontics or veneers. In the long-term, both will give you the appearance of a straighter smile. The questions are how much do you want to spend and how long are you willing to wait.

With orthodontics, you could be looking at years of treatment to change the position of your teeth, followed by wearing a retainer for a little while to prevent your teeth from drifting back to their original position.

With veneers, we will remove a portion of your enamel, make impressions of your teeth, and order a custom set of veneers from a dental laboratory.

A few weeks after you original appointment, you will return to our office. Then, we will bond your veneers in place to hide your natural teeth.

The veneers will give you the appearance of a perfectly straight smile.

  • Veneers can correct spacing issues.

Maybe you have a gap in your smile. Television’s Michael Strahan may not mind the space between his front teeth, but you may wish yours was closed.

Maybe your teeth are crowded together, which has caused some of them to turn at awkward angles in your mouth.

With either of these problems, you could try orthodontics, or you could get veneers so your teeth look parallel and evenly spaced.

  • Veneers can repair chipped teeth.

Accidents happen, and jawbreakers have their name for a reason. If you had an accident playing a sport or doing some work or if you bit into something that was harder than you expected, you may have lost something in the process.

Veneers can restore the appearance of your chipped or broken teeth so your smile looks complete once again.

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You should smile when you are happy, and you should be happy with your smile.

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