How Would You Like To Smile Again?

Full-mouth reconstruction is not one single thing.

The treatment you may need may differ greatly from what we will do for one of your friends or coworkers. The goal of full-mouth reconstruction is to help every patient regain the full use of his or her mouth.

Finding the right treatment for you starts with a consultation at Forever Young Dentistry. During your initial visit, we can assess the health of your teeth, the condition of your jaw, and your alignment. We can discuss what problems you have been having and what you would like to change.

Together, we can develop a plan that will get you where you want to be. We are happy to help patients from Sterling Heights, MI, Troy, and anywhere in between. Our dentist wants you to be happy with your mouth and your teeth.

What Is Your Smile Worth?

A credit card company had a series of commercials a few years ago in which they would show someone going to different places and doing various things.

Along the way, a voiceover announcer would tell the audience the monetary value of many items and services being purchased. The commercial would end with a declaration that something that could not be bought was “priceless.”

We think that way about smiles.

When you see someone else smile, many times it will make you feel better, too. It doesn’t matter if this is a child, your spouse, or a stranger you pass on the street.

Smiles have a way of being contagious (in the best possible way) and lifting the spirits of other people.

Surveys have shown that smiles are important for other reasons, too. People with nice smiles are generally considered more trustworthy, friendlier, and more successful. USA Today even found that smiles and good teeth were the among most important traits that men and women want in a romantic partner.

So what if you don’t smile? To be more specific, what if you don’t smile because you are ashamed of your teeth? Could that hurt in your professional life? Your personal life?

What are you losing because you are not comfortable sharing your smile?

Solving The Problem

Full-mouth reconstruction isn’t just about changing the shape of your teeth or improving the appearance of your smile. It’s also about improving your confidence.

This can be done a number of ways. Let’s look at some common scenarios that we deal with in our office.

➤ Scenario 1: Your teeth are worn down.

Life is hard for a lot of reasons. It’s also hard on our teeth.

The act of eating can cause us to grind our teeth together. Some foods can wear down the enamel on our teeth as well, and so can using your teeth to open things (which is one of the reasons dentists would prefer that you don’t do that).

If you wanted to restore your teeth to their former glory, then you would have multiple options. Your choice may depend on the severity of the wear and how many teeth are visibly worn down.

In some cases, dental crowns may be needed to restore teeth that are extremely worn. In other cases, porcelain veneers may be the best solution.

➤ Scenario 2: You are missing multiple teeth.

Lost teeth are more common than they should be. Thankfully, you live at a time when tooth replacement options are better than they’ve ever been.

If you have isolated missing teeth, we could recommend getting dental implants with dental crowns to complete the appearance of your smile.

We also might recommend a dental bridge if you lost multiple teeth in the same part of your mouth, perhaps as a result of an accident or injury. This too could be placed on a dental implant or dental implants.

➤ Scenario 3: You lost most of your teeth, and the ones you have left may need to be removed.

You could get traditional dentures to give you the appearance of teeth when you smile. This would restore a limited amount of your ability to bite and chew, too.

If you wanted to go a step further, you could get implant-supported dentures. By getting a series of dental implants, you can create a solid support system for your dentures. This is so secure that your can feel confident that your dentures will remain in place, no matter what you decide to eat.

Want To Smile Again?

If you’ve been hiding your teeth or lack thereof, full-mouth reconstruction could be just what you need to smile again.

To get started, schedule a consultation at Forever Young Dentistry in Sterling Heights, MI. You can contact our dentist by using our online form or by calling 586-698-7135.