Maintaining Healthy Teeth and Gums Through the Retirement Years

  • September 16, 2019

family dentist Sterling HeightsEstablishing and maintaining great oral health takes some work – especially for senior patients. As we age, the risks for developing common oral health conditions are higher. Years of wear and tear on our teeth along with the side effects of systemic health conditions and common medications can impact our oral health. Our family dentist treats patients of all ages, including seniors.

While the risks for oral disease are higher among older patients, it’s still possible to enjoy vibrant oral wellness. Following are a few tips to help you safeguard the health of your teeth and gums.

Healthy Food and Drink Choices

What we eat and drink does affect our oral health. Beyond choosing foods to nourish our body, we should avoid items high in sugar and acid. Consuming sugary foods and drinks feeds bacteria that contribute to conditions like tooth decay and gum disease.

Acid is problematic, too, because it erodes tooth enamel. Our tooth enamel serves as a protective barrier over teeth. When enamel is healthy, bacteria cannot penetrate to the softer structures of teeth to form cavities. Many people develop tooth enamel damage as they age. Avoiding acidic beverages and foods can reduce your risks for further enamel loss.

Proper Oral Hygiene

Committing to a vigilant oral hygiene routine can help stave off common oral health concerns. All patients – especially older ones – must brush and floss thoroughly on a daily basis. Flossing is most effective just before bedtime and you should brush your teeth two times a day for two minutes each session.

If you wear prosthetics like bridges and dentures, we encourage you to speak with our dentist for product recommendations such as water irrigators as they can help keep your gums free of debris.

Routine Checkups and Cleanings

Keeping routine appointments for checkups and cleanings can make a world of difference in your oral health. Regular checkups give our family dentist a chance to catch potential problems early on when they’re easier to treat. Cleanings are an affordable and non-invasive way to prevent the development of gum disease and tooth decay.

Give our team at Forever Young Dentistry a call if it’s time for a checkup or cleaning.