No Fooling: Dental Crowns Fix Teeth

  • April 1, 2016

We know that today is April Fools Day, but our blog today is serious. Today, we are discussing dental crowns and the many ways they could help you or someone you know.

If any of our patients need a dental crown, we want them to get those crowns as soon as possible. This is why we offer same-day dental crowns at Forever Young Dentistry.

Dental crowns can be used to fix a variety of tooth problems, and they are excellent long-term tooth replacements.

Should you or someone you love need a dental crown, please call or stop by our dentist office in Sterling Heights, MI, to find out what we can do for you or your loved one.

► Replace A Filling

If you had a cavity, then you may have received a tooth filling years or even decades ago. While fillings are great, they do break down over time.

Your filling could chip. Your filling can wear down. Your filling could start to separate from your teeth. Any of these could open your teeth to a new round of tooth decay.

If you’ve replaced a filling more than once, then it may be time to look at a solution that could last the rest of your life. A dental crown is a more permanent fix that will protect your tooth just as well.

And it might even give you a more natural-looking smile if you had an amalgam or silver filling. 

Instead of refilling the hole in your tooth, we reshape it into an abutment, then bond the dental crown to your tooth.

Thanks to the Planmeca Fit System, we can create and place your dental crown in a single visit to our office. At other offices, this would be a two-step process requiring separate visits to the dentist office.

► Repair A Broken Tooth

Broken and chipped teeth are quite common.

Between sports, accidents, and crunchy foods, more people than you may realize have lost a part of a tooth. Thankfully, you don’t have to live with a partial tooth.

If you come to our office, we can reshape what is left of your tooth, and then we will put a dental crown in that place. No one will be able to tell your crown apart from your other teeth.

And when it’s in place, you’ll still be able to eat the foods that you love. Just watch out for those really hard food items, for the sake of the rest of your whole teeth.

► Fix A Decayed Tooth

Tooth decay is a problem that can affect anyone with teeth.

This can cause a number of problems for you. From a cosmetic standpoint, your tooth can turn dark yellow or even black. This is not a good look for your smile.

From a physical standpoint, the decay can make your tooth weaker, which can make it difficult to eat certain foods. If the decay gets deep enough, it also may make your tooth more sensitive to heat or cold.

We want to keep your smile looking as good as it can, and we don’t want you to feel like you have to give up your morning coffee or your favorite ice cream.

A dental crown can improve your smile, strengthen your tooth, and protect it from the hot and cold treats that you enjoy.

► Whiten A Discolored Tooth

It’s possible for one tooth to look more discolored than the rest. This could be because of tooth decay, but that’s not the only reason this may happen.

Another common cause of single-tooth discoloration is trauma to your tooth. If you were hit in the mouth, this may explain why just one tooth has changed colors.

No matter the reason, a dental crown can fix the discolored tooth so it more closely matches the whiteness of your remaining healthy teeth.

► Replace A Lost Tooth

The same collisions that could cause your tooth to become chipped also could cause a tooth to get knocked out of your mouth. Poor oral hygiene can cause teeth to fall out, too.

You can fill in that gap by combining a dental crown with a dental implant. Together, they will make your smile look complete again.

Ready To Get Crowned

If you live in Sterling Heights, Rochester, or anywhere in between, our dentist office wants to help get your smile back to looking it’s best. A dental crown can be used for any of the reasons mentioned above.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call 586-698-7135 or fill out our online form.