Restoring Smiles One Patient At Time

Dental Crowns & Bridges Sterling Heights, MI | Forever Young Dentistry
Dental Crowns & Bridges Sterling Heights, MI | Forever Young Dentistry

You could divide modern dentistry into three major categories.

Preventive dentistry includes the things that help keep you from developing problems like tooth decay and gum disease, both of which can lead to much bigger problems.

Cosmetic dentistry includes the many ways we can make your smile look better than it originally did.

Today, we want to focus on the third category of services. Restorative dentistry is our way of repairing teeth and rebuilding smiles that have been damaged for any reason. 

To help explain the things that we can do at Forever Young Dentistry in Sterling Heights, we want to present some examples of problems and how we can fix them.

The Pain That Won’t Go Away

Imagine waking up one morning with a toothache. You take a pain reliever before brushing your teeth. By the time you leave for work, the pain has gone away.

The next morning, the pain is back, but a little stronger. This continues for several days, and you follow the same routine until you notice that you tooth also hurts when you drink your morning coffee. With time, the pain reliever doesn’t seem to help much either.

This scenario or something similar plays out more often than we would like before people call us. Your teeth are not supposed to hurt, and if you have noticed increased sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks, you may have an infected tooth.

Getting treated sooner will greatly reduce the pain you have to endure. Too frequently, however, people wait to get help until they can’t stand the pain anymore.

If your tooth is infected, that means bacteria has reached the inside of your tooth, which can lead to inflammation of the soft pulp in the pulp chamber and root canals.

This is when and why we perform root canal treatments. After making sure you are sufficiently numb or sedated, we will remove the infected pulp from your tooth. Then we can sanitize it and fill it with a special material to reduce your risk of another infection.

We finish by sealing your tooth with a tooth-colored filling or a dental crown so your tooth looks as good as new.

You’ve Lost A Step

You may have been a star third basemen in high school, but those days happened more than a few years ago.

Now your son is starting his Little League career. You decide to take him to the park to share some of your wisdom and for a little batting practice.

While pitching, you notice a minor flaw in your son’s swing. You show him what to do differently, and he starts making solid contact. You find that out firsthand when he drives the ball right back at you.

The ball deflects off your glove and into your cheek. When you check it with your hand, you notice that you are bleeding and you are now holding part of your tooth.

This is a case where you should call us as soon as possible. You should rinse your mouth and cover the tooth with dental wax to prevent an accidental cut.

Depending on how bad the chip is, we may be able to fix it with dental bonding. For a bigger break, we may make a dental crown instead. (You’ll be happy to know we can make the dental crown in our office so we can place it the same day as your visit.)

Like Dominoes

You lost a tooth a few years ago but decided not to replace. In the years since then, you have been losing bone mass in your jaw. You didn’t realize this was a problem until two more of your teeth started feeling loose in your mouth.

You touch one of them to check and are a little surprised when it falls out. This convinces you to call us.

We can help restore your smile and hopefully prevent further losses with an implant-supported dental bridge. Dental implants will replace the roots of your missing teeth, and the dental bridge will fill in the gap in your smile.

The implants also help to encourage new bone tissue growth, which should reduce your risk of losing more teeth in the future.

How Can We Help You?

You may experience something similar to the problems described above, or your teeth may become damaged or lost in another way. Just know that the staff at Forever Young Dentistry is here to help however we can.

To ask any questions or to schedule a consultation, fill out our online form or call us at 586-698-7135.