Invisalign 2016: For A Great Smile

What will you do in the next 12 months? You could train for and run a marathon. You could learn to play a musical instrument. You could save money for that bucket-list vacation destination. Or, you could straighten your teeth. Really, you can fix your crooked teeth in a year (on average) with Invisalign orthodontic… Continue reading Invisalign 2016: For A Great Smile

‘C’ The Advantages Of Invisalign

You feel like you have reached an important point in your career, but there is something holding you back. Sometimes it hurts your confidence when speaking with a potential client. It also makes you hesitant to apply for a promotion. What is it? It may be your teeth. Our smiles are something that we carry… Continue reading ‘C’ The Advantages Of Invisalign

A Smoother Way To A Straight Smile

Invisalign Sterling Heights, MI | Forever Young Dentistry

If you wanted to repair a set of crooked stairs, would you rather fix it today or tomorrow? If your car was out of alignment would your rather have it fixed in a week or two weeks? And if you wanted to straighten your teeth, would you rather have your treatment finished in 12 months… Continue reading A Smoother Way To A Straight Smile