Anna on dental crowns

The enhanced treatment that he offers is this computer generated ability to formulate your crown. The technicians who are certified sit right next to you, and between you and them over a period of a couple of hours, they formulate you crown. It’s made and put on, and the whole process is excellent. It’s really excellent. I’ve had no problem with any portion of that, and I feel comfortable in the length of time that I’m here. They always keep you appraised of what they’re doing, how long it’s going to take.

I like the fact that it’s done in the office all in one appointment. You walk out with a new crown and you can smile at anyone at that time. Dr. [inaudible 00:00:50] has always been very skilled with all of the procedures. Technically he’s excellent. He explains everything. He’s always pleasant, he’s always here. Never had a problem even making an appointment. Again, he’s very thorough with letting you know what you need, what is going on, even during the procedure. I just find the entire office very highly skilled, professional, and I like them.

Forever Young Dentistry is forever in my life.