Besnik on improving his bite

I am patient in this office for more than 12 years so I know him as my doctor, family doctor for more than 12 years. I think this is the best place for me and my family to take care of. Well, before I had a lot of problems in biting, a lot of cavities. My biting wasn’t right away, I had really old fillings. All these kind of stuff, it’s not anymore in my mouth. It looks nicer, smiling is much better, biting is way better, and it’s more healthy. I think in part of my health situation, he give me 2 options. He said, “Are you going to fix your mouth permanently?”, because I am 55 years old already right now, “Do you want to keep your mouth whole life to use it, or you want to just fix temporarily?” I said, “I’m going to first plan because it’s better one and healthier with healthier teeth affecting your body system.”

Yeah, I decided to do the implants. During this process, I felt comfortable. All the time I came here, they took care of me, no pain, free pain, so I liked it. Excellent place to go, excellent people to take care of you. For me, it’s the best place in Oakland County for dentist care. Very good place, good people, respectful, and so everything is perfect in here. We feel like a family.