Carol on restoring confidence in her smile

I get lots of complements on my teeth. I don’t look at my teeth like that but I’m glad that at the age of 49, I can smile without saying they’re fake or they’ve been veneered. He has removed almost all of the metal out of my mouth and slowly when the fillings were getting loose, he didn’t just say, “Let’s just rip them out slowly.” I have porcelain fillings so my smile would be prettier. I’ve had crowns. A crown in a day basically. It’s amazing how they do this, the technology.

The girls are amazing at how they get it prepared and Dr. Young comes in and look at it and he’s like, “Maybe we could tweak it here,” and they’d show all different angles and then you walk out and your tooth is in. Right away it’s done. No pain. No downtime. It’s amazing system. I mean, I’ve never seen anything quite like it. There’s only one doctor. I have [inaudible 01:06] lots of friends here and they’ve very happy. My family comes here, and extended family. There is only one doctor.