Carrie on why she loves coming to see Dr. Young

Well, I really enjoy coming to Dr. Young’s Forever Young Dentistry. I can tell you that I work in the dental industry so it’s been just the most enjoyable services, whether it’s for the dental cleanings, myself, my husband, our two daughters come her, so all of us are totally satisfied from both the hygiene standpoint and with what other dental work we’ve had to have done. I know Dr. Young has the most advanced technology. He is the most passionate about dentistry, which I know I’m getting trusted care. He definitely always has taken the education as the most important for him and his staff, so it’s always cutting edge. Best practice, best patient outcome treatments. Between he and his assistants, they’re always explaining the procedure. He’s always checking with the patient from a comfort level, so that’s again, during the procedure it’s been pain free. Leaving, coming, they call, check back with you if there is any complications, they’re immediately getting you back in here if there were problems, so it’s just all about number one patient care. Absolutely would recommend this practice. I’ve talked to many of my co-workers. I actually drive about 40 minutes to this practice, so even though I don’t live in this community, I drive that distance to come here for Dr. Young. As people ask me about my dentistry, what dentist you go to, certainly it’s very easy for me to tell them and highly recommend Dr. Young’s practice.