Don on dental fillings

Well, when I came to Dr. Young, I had been with one of these chain dentist organizations and was not happy with it. When I came here, they did a analysis of the oral work that needed to be done. As a result I ended up having a lot of old, big fillings and lead in my teeth pulled out, teeth caped. It was wonderful to get caps done in less than a couple of hours versus the old traditional way of getting a tooth caped. After work has been done here, I have never had to return to Dr. Young even for an adjustment on the dental work that’s been done. I have no problem chewing, there’s no pain ever. I associate that with the type of dentistry that I’m now receiving, because this is not a cookie box dentist. This is a dentist whose staff and the dentist care about you as an individual. They’re truly concerned over your dental health, and they do one quality job.