Gabriel on getting dental crowns

Well, we moved from Mexico two years ago, two years and a half ago. We needed to find a dentist not only for me, but for my family. We found this dentist down here near by, and now all the members in the family are being attended here. I came here with some issues, and I think that we’ve have been able to fix every single issue.

I’m talking about not only, obviously not only cleaning, but also other activities. Now is the first time that I am facing crowns, the need of having crowns. I have three crowns now. I normally have a lot of questions about this type of works or services that are related with our health. Thinking that I have received satisfactory answers for every single question, that’s why I decided to go ahead with the first crown, and after two years, now I have three.

It’s a nice atmosphere here. Being honest. The attention that we receive from every member here in this dentistry.