Genavieve & Corinn on how Dr. Young takes care of their family

He is a very friendly guy and just great with kids also. My siblings love him. He’s very reasonable, teaches us good hygiene and just everything positive. You got to know how to treat a big family, it’s all chaotic. He is perfectly fine with everything and he takes every thing so well. If one of the kids is acting up here he’ll … “It’s all fine.” If some kid doesn’t like to have their teeth cleaned or whatever, he makes it fun for them. It’s good, everybody enjoys it here.

I like the hygienists. They are always talking to you, and they ask you “What’s up? How’ve you guys been?” They know you like you’re family, even though we only come here like twice a year. They all know us and they love us, even though we’re like she said “Crazy and chaotic.” It’s always chaotic when we come here. They treat us very well. They’re very kind and loving. Even if the kids are throwing fits, they always find someway to treat them awesome. They have the prize box and they’re like, “Yeah you were so good. You can pick two prizes instead.” The kids get all excited so it’s really nice.

I would tell them that he is very reasonable, a very kind person, generous. It’s just the people, they’re very nice and they don’t care about money, as much as they care about you having a good dentist office to go to … just getting your teeth in good shape.

I love my smile and I’m just very thankful for the care doctor Young has put into me.