J Scot on being able to chew better

I’ve been in business here in the metropolitan Detroit area for 20 years. One important lesson I learned is if you’re lucky enough to find a good service provider you stay with them. That’s why 3 generations of my family work with Dr. Young and his team here at Forever Young Dentistry. There’s a lot of competition out there, but why Dr. Young? Simple, 3 reasons. One attention to detail, Dr. Young takes a very holistic view with each and every patients care. He’s concerned with your oral health, but also those key linkages between your oral health and how that affects your overall physical health and well being. Very, very important.

Second is technology, they’ve got the state of the art equipment here and they follow the world renowned processes with each and every application of patient care. Last but not least from my view from a business perspective, I get tremendous value. Concierge like services at a very competitive price. Why wouldn’t I come here? In my particular case, the help I needed was with some back teeth, with some molars. When you’re chewing and processing and metabolizing food, you need that grinding power. It’s really, really helped me a lot. I’ve said my quality of life has improved dramatically. My ability to eat the types of foods I want when I want has gone up phenomenally and worldwide. It’s a good thing for me.

Now I have to watch myself I don’t eat too much food, so it’s good and bad news that Dr. Young has helped me. Never the less for me, for my overall well being and for my overall health it’s been a phenomenal improvement. His chair-side manner is such that he puts everyone at ease. I know for a lot of people going to the dentist is fueled with anxiety and angst et cetera. Dr. Young makes it very, very easy for you. Like anybody else in any kind of a angst filled or tense situation, you don’t like surprises. They take the extra effort to make sure you’re not surprised. The outcomes are always predictable which is the best case of all.