Mary on dental crowns and financing

My husband and I have both had to have crowns put on our teeth over the last couple of years. Crowns are not … It doesn’t go easily into your budget. Let’s put it that way.

They have always, always, always offered us financing options that we are very easily able to fit into budget. We’re both retired now, so that’s kind of an important consideration. Quite honestly, coming to this dental office, affording my dental care is the least of our concerns.

They go out of their way to be just super, super friendly. I know that the care that I’m getting is going to be unrivaled any other place I could go. I’ve been a longtime patient. My children, when they were growing up, came here. My husband comes here, so it’s kind of a family affair for us.

If anybody were to ask me, “We’re in the market for a dentist. Who could you recommend?” absolutely, Dr. Young. Come here. You won’t be sorry.