Nancy on Veneers

I looked for a little while. I had been with somebody else for a while and wasn’t always happy with the scheduling. They weren’t always on time. I pushed in some of the practices and I called my children’s orthodontist and I said I don’t want somebody you play golf with. I want somebody who’s good. He recommended this practice. I had veneers before this and they weren’t quite what they should have been. I came to him and spoke to him about improving my smile, improving my overall dental health and he seemed to … he just seemed to have a good attitude about what should be done, what not to bother with. I don’t think people realize that I have veneers. I think I had to have anesthesia once and I said something like, “I have veneers” and they were surprised. This practice is very efficient, he’s very efficient. I’ve always been happy with the work that he’s done. The office staff and the hygienists, they are all very cordial, very professional. They are a very great support group for doctor Young.