Steve on getting invisalign

You know, my 50s, early 50s, I wasn’t concerned about the overall smile, but I knew that my bite wasn’t perfect and that the wear on my teeth and just. I knew that they needed some attention or, as he explained, there was probably going to be repair work to be done down the road as a result of my bite. He was pretty good and walked me through the options. I mean, I was in braces as one, and I wasn’t thrilled about that one. Then about a year ago, maybe a little over a year ago, Invisalign technology had advanced to the point or improved to the point where it was an option for the corrections that I needed.

He walked me through what it was going to be. Didn’t have to necessarily go to the orthodontist, he is representing and working hand in hand with the orthodontist to make sure that I get the right correctlion. Frankly, at a probably better price than I would have gotten at directly through the orthodontist. It was a win win. Not having to have the [lawyers 00:01:01], not having to have the standard braces. That’s when I said yes.

I really like the people here, being able to just interact with them. It’s almost like you come in, you’re catching up a little bit since the last time you saw them. I’m very comfortable with the care, the people and everything about the practice.