Ted on overcoming dental anxiety

I know with my fear, it came from the folks. My folks. They always went, “Oh, you’re going to be okay. Everything will be fine. It’ll just hurt for a little while.” Michael, in particular, and obviously his staff, have done an amazing job on making that go away. Even at my age of 73, I mean, there are still times where I won’t sleep the night before going, “Oh men, I’m going to go to the dentist.” I hate it when this happens and everything else. The fear of dentistry, I always laugh with him. I go, “If you hurt me, I will hurt you back.” He states, “You’re going to be fine. Everything is great.” It is. I am constantly amazed when I walk out of this building, I have to remind myself that, “Okay, now the next time I have to go see Mike, I’ll be fine.” Just relax and know that this is a great place to come get the best treatment in the world. The girls are sensational. You come in to get your teeth cleaned or whatever.