Tooth Restorations: How Dental Crowns Can Help

dental crown Sterling HeightsA dental crown can serve multiple purposes … a broken tooth can be saved; or a tooth suffering from deep dental decay can be protected from extraction by using a dental crown. And now with 21st century technology, a crown can be fashioned and placed the same day.

Advancements through CAD/CAM Dentistry 

CAD/CAM simply means the process used is computer aided in design and manufacturing. Your dentist that employs the Planmeca Fit System can eliminate many of the unpleasantries associated with a standard crown that include:

Messy dental impressions – Instead of a tray of goopy material that is used to take a traditional impressions, an intra oral camera will be used to quickly scan and record all the dimensions needed to make your crown.

Temporary protective crown – In order to take an impression, the tooth is prepared by shaving the tooth down. With a standard crown, a dental lab generally takes two weeks to fabricate the crown. During this time a temporary crown must be worn to protect the tooth. If the temporary comes off, it means another trip to the dentist to have it replaced.

Two week or longer wait – Your dentist will send your impression to a dental lab. There is generally a two week period before your permanent crown can be seated. And this means a minimum of two visits (sometimes more) when you could experience the same result in one dental appointment.

The Finished Product 

The goal is to provide a dental crown that looks great and will last a very long time. The choice seems obvious … crown prep; scanning and design; and chairside milling so your crown can be seated in the same visit.

You will have a porcelain crown that can be fitted, polished, and cemented in place for you to complete treatment in one day. So whether your dentist is saving a fractured tooth; correcting extensive dental decay; or completing treatment following a root canal … the process of having a tooth crowned no longer needs to be a drawn out process.

Dental crowns have been a valuable tool used by dental providers for a very long time … thankfully with the invention of technologically advanced procedures like the Planmeca Fit same-day crown system, receiving a porcelain crown in one office visit is a reality.

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