Travel Tips for Your Teeth

  • May 6, 2020

dentist Sterling HeightsThere is never a good time for a toothache or dental trauma, but when preparing to leave on a trip for business or pleasure it can feel very overwhelming. Being proactive with your oral health is a great step toward prevention; this includes daily brushing and flossing coupled with regular visits with your dentist for cleaning and exam.

What Should I Do Before My Trip?

If you’re due for a check-up, do not put it off. Make sure you have your teeth cleaned and an examination performed. This one act could lead to discovering something that can be dealt with before you leave. For instance, a hairline crack in a tooth could lead to a broken tooth and the need for a root canal. But if found and treated by your own dentist, you could likely save a lot of time and grief while away from home.

Make sure you carry the contact information of your family dentist with you. If a problem should arise while away, very often a phone call can provide a solution to tide you over until you get back home.

Important Facts to Know While Away 

If you know friends, family, or trusted coworkers where you’re staying, and the need for dental assistance arises, reach out to one of them. Don’t suffer in silence. If you do not have these types of resources, your own dentist may be able to recommend someone; you can contact the local chamber of commerce for suggestions; or if in severe discomfort you can visit a hospital emergency room.

When staying at a larger hotel, acquaint yourself with the concierge. They are very often a great resource for more than just good restaurants.

If you’re traveling abroad, do not hesitate to contact your own embassy for help. And familiarize yourself with water safety … in many cases you should use bottled water for drinking and brushing your teeth.

Of course, you likely packed everything you can need like a toothbrush, paste, and dental floss. But if anything was forgotten or left behind, hotels usually have these types of items readily available. Or any drug or grocery store would have anything you might need.

Traveling can be great fun. Being proactive through care and prevention is a good way to enjoy great oral health both home and away.