Two Easy Ways To Fix A Cavity

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It’s amazing how something as small as a cavity can throw off your smile. Fortunately, you can get a dental filling or dental crown to restore your teeth to their original appearance.

These are two of the many restorative services we offer at Forever Young Dentistry for our patients in and around Sterling Heights, MI.

Tooth decay may be the most common oral health issue in America, but thankfully, we have two great ways of treating it in our office. All you have to do is make an appointment to get one of them.


Be Ready To Act

Cavities might be called the flat tires of dental problem.

You probably won’t get one this year, but there is decent chance that you or someone you know will experience one of these problems at some point in your life.

Flat tires are so common that care makers routinely include spare tires with their vehicles. Meanwhile, more than 90 percent of American adults will have at least one cavity in their lives.

There is an important distinction we should point out, however.

A spare tire is only meant to be a temporary solution until you can get a replacement. Whereas, dental fillings and dental crowns are meant to provide long-term fixes for your smile. At least, that’s what they are at Forever Young Dentistry.

However, we do want to point out that you should be ready to react as soon as you are aware that you have a cavity.

When you have a flat tire, you really don’t have a choice but to replace it so you can continue driving. For better or worse, you can put off fixing a cavity. The problem is that the tooth decay continues to cause more damage the longer you wait to treat it.

If you notice any of the following symptoms, call our office as soon as you are able to make an appointment:

︎ toothache

︎ swollen gum tissue near your sore tooth

︎ bad breath that doesn’t go away

︎ black, brown, or gray spots on your teeth


Two Ways To Treat Tooth Decay

We have two proven methods for dealing with tooth decay at Forever Young Dentistry. Which treatment you receive largely depends on how quickly you get to our office after the tooth decay begins eating away at your tooth.

︎ Option 1: Dental Fillings

We use composite fillings in our practice.

Like metal fillings, composite fillings will fill in the hole in your tooth after the decay is removed. Likewise, these filling seal your tooth to protect it from additional damage and restore the shape of your tooth as well.

The reason we offer composite fillings is easy to explain. These are sometimes called white fillings or tooth-colored fillings. That means they blend in with your natural teeth instead of standing out like gold or silver-colored metal fillings.

We are more likely to be able to give you a filling if you visit our office while your cavity is still relatively small.

︎ Option 2: Dental crowns

If your cavity has grown too large for a filling, we can still help you restore your smile with a dental crown. More specifically, we can help with a dental crown.

Dental crowns are meant to replace the natural crowns (which are the visible part of your teeth). As with a filling, we would remove the decay from your tooth, but we would go one step further to reshape the healthy parts of your tooth into an abutment to support the crown.

And if you come to Forever Young Dentistry, we can make your crown while you want and bond it to your tooth before you leave. We have offered same-day dental crowns in our office since 2004 because we don’t think our patients should wait two weeks to finish a procedure that can be completed in a couple hours.


Another Option To Consider

While dental fillings and dental crowns are both excellent services if you should need them, we think you would agree that it would be better to prevent tooth decay from developing at all.

You already know what you should be doing to prevent cavities, but a reminder never hurts. Brush your teeth twice a day to clean them on all sides. Floss between your teeth daily to remove food particles from the places your toothbrush can’t reach.

And remember to schedule routine dental cleanings at Forever Young Dentistry if you live in Rochester Hills, Troy, or anywhere else near our dentist office in Sterling Heights, MI.

If you haven’t already scheduled your next appointment, fill out our online form or call 586-698-7135 today.