Using Technology To Improve Dentistry

Our hero steps into the machine.

“This won’t hurt a bit,” a woman says.

As she gets everything ready, the hero wonders what is happening. The machine looks futuristic, maybe a little beyond the kind of technology one would expect here.

The hero’s eyes are closed when the machine starts. The hero is aware of the movement around his head.

In a matter of a few minutes, the machine stops.

“That’s it,” the woman tells him. “We’ve got what we need.”

Is this a scene from a science fiction movie? Is it some bizarre interrogation technique?

It’s neither. It’s one of our patients having his head scanned by our cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) machine.

It’s one of the tools we use to provide the best care that we can provide to you and your family at Forever Young Dentistry in Sterling Heights.

What Is CBCT?

Cone beam computed tomography is a tool that allows dentists to get an even better understanding of what is happening with their patients’ teeth and jaw.

X-rays are still a valuable tool for getting a general idea of what is happening with your teeth, but CBCT images add depth to what we are seeing.

CBCT machines are based on the same technology used in CAT scan machines. CBCT scanners are smaller since they only need to scan part of your body (your head).

When the machine is on, it captures hundreds of images in just a matter of minutes as the scanner moves around you.

Computer software uses all those images to piece together a three-dimensional model of your teeth and their supporting structures, including your upper and lower jaw.

How Does This Help You?

In general, 3D images provide our dentist with a better understanding of the condition of your mouth. It also can help identify problems that may not be apparent in a 2D image (like an X-ray).

That’s all well and good, but we want to give you a better understanding of some of the specific ways this can help you, our patients.

✦ Root canal therapy

No one wants to have a root canal procedure, but many times it is the only way to remove an infection from inside your tooth and preserve the tooth at the same time.

By examining an image generated by a CBCT, our dentist can develop a more precise plan for how he will access the innermost parts of your tooth.

✦ Orthodontic Treatment

CBCT imaging gives your dentist a much better understand of the starting point of your teeth. This also helps us better understand what needs to happen to give you the smile that you want.

This also can reveal issues that could make your treatment more complicated, such as whether you may need a tooth removed before your treatment begins.

✦ Dental Implant Placement

Dentists have used various techniques to determine the proper placement of dental implants since there were first developed in the 1960s. The problem is that improper or imprecise placement can affect the effectiveness of these implants.

In fact, an incorrectly placed implant can cause a nerve injury. We don’t want that, and we are positive you don’t want it either.

Using the CBCT image, we can better identify the best locations for dental implants. This can help you receive the maximum benefits from this procedure.

There are many ways we can and have used our CBCT images for both diagnostic and treatment purposes for our patients. The examples listed above are just some of the ways we are using this machine to help you and your family.

Why Should You Come To Our Office?

The CBCT isn’t just an example of the ways we are incorporating technology into our procedures to help our patients. It’s also an example of our dedication to doing the best job that we can do.

In Michigan, dentists are required to get approval from the state before we can add these machines in our offices.

Before we could make the financial investment to acquire such a machine, we had to complete several hours of continuing education in order to demonstrate our knowledge of how to use this technology.

This is in addition to the caring, compassionate, and attentive service that you will receive when you come to our office for your general and family dentistry needs.

Find Out For Yourself

To gain a better understanding of what a CBCT scan can do for you, make an appointment online or call Forever Young Dentistry at 586-698-7135.

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