We Accept Cigna Insurance

  • June 10, 2016

Dental insurance is a great benefit that many companies offer to their employees.

To get the most from this benefit, you need to know that your dentist works with your insurance provider. If you have Cigna insurance, then Forever Young Dentistry can help you keep your mouth as healthy as possible.

Our staff wants you to receive all the benefits that you should through your plan, and Sue, our financial coordinator, will work on your behalf with the insurance company.

If you live in Troy, Rochester, or other nearby communities, we welcome you to come to our dentist office in Sterling Heights, MI, for all your oral care needs.

Going The Distance For You

Our dentist, Dr. Young, likes to go the extra mile (literally) for his community and his patients. He participates in triathlons and marathons to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and he has made continuing education a priority as long as he has ben a practicing dentist.

Dr. Young grew up in Saginaw before graduating from Michigan State University and the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. Since then, he has completed a mini-residency on dental implants through Nobel Biocare and a continuum with the Kois Center for Advanced Dental Learning. He’s been a mentor for other dentists with the Kois Center since 2005.

Dr. Young is a member of several local, state, and national dental organizations. Maybe more importantly, he has a passion for making a difference in his patients’ lives. He has seen how dental care and dental services can improve our patients’ sense of confidence and self-worth.

That is why we do what we do.

Comprehensive Dentistry

Your family deserves the best dental care available, and we are confident that you can find that in our office.

Our practice covers the three major fields of dental care:

▶︎ Preventive Dentistry

If dentistry was a house, this would be the foundation. The best way to avoid short- and long-term oral health problems is through preventive care.

This starts with cleanings and examinations by our dentist and dental hygienists. We will remove any plaque or tartar buildup, and we will watch for symptoms of tooth decay and gum disease. If we see any problems, we will advise you on the best treatment to get your mouth back into top shape.

Family dentistry is an important part of what we do as well. In addition to cleanings and examinations, many parents are glad that we offer dental sealants. These are a covering that can be placed over your children’s back teeth. These teeth are the most likely to develop cavities, and sealants create a barrier to reduce that risk.

▶︎ Cosmetic Dentistry

Most of us were not blessed with naturally perfect smiles, and even if you were, you will develop stains on your teeth over time.

With cosmetic dentistry, we can make your smile as nice as you would like it to be.

Invisalign is an effective and discreet way of straightening your smile without brackets or wires. Another way to improve your smile is with veneers, which can give you the appearance of teeth that are straight, parallel, and evenly spaced.

Our professional teeth whitening works great, too. If you are serious about regaining the whiter, brighter smile of your younger days, then talk to us about which of our whitening products would work best for you.

▶︎ Restorative Dentistry

As much as we wish that none of our patients would get cavities, have dental injuries, or lose teeth, we are prepared to help if any of those things happen.

Our tooth-colored fillings repair and protect teeth that have been damaged by decay. They also do it in a way that makes it hard for other people to know where your cavity was.

If one of your teeth becomes damaged or severely decayed, you won’t need to worry. We can fix it in a single visit. Thanks to the Planmeca Fit System, we can make a dental crown that will restore the appearance and the function of your tooth in one day.

If you do lose a tooth, and in truth, more people do than you may realize, we can replace it with a dental implant and a dental crown.

If you lose multiple teeth or all your teeth, we can use implants along with a dental bridge or denture to help you regain your smile and your ability to eat the foods that you love.

Learn More About Us

We appreciate all our patients, and we love it when we have the chance to meet new families. Our team at Forever Young Dentistry will work with Cigna insurance so you can get the dental care that you deserve.

You can learn more by calling our dentist office in Sterling Heights, MI, at 586-698-7135 or by filling out our online form.