Why Dental Implants Are the Ideal Tooth Replacement Solution

implant dentist Sterling HeightsTooth loss can occur due to trauma, decay, or infection. And when it happens, it can be devastating. Thankfully there is a remarkable solution that allows the patient to have a tooth replacement that is so natural, it is indiscernible to others and feels just like your biological teeth. A visit with your implant dentist will outline the requirements, the process, and advantages of tooth replacement with dental implants.

What Is A Dental Implant? 

The implant itself is a tiny post made from titanium that is designed to be embedded in gum tissue where a tooth is missing. Titanium is the metal used most often for its unique qualities … bone fuses to this metal very naturally allowing the post to be incorporated thoroughly into the dental anatomy. This means the cosmetic enhancement that will eventually be affixed to the implant will have support as sturdy as neighboring biological teeth.

The process begins with a consultation with your implant dentist. A thorough dental exam along with x-rays are taken to determine bone strength where the implant is needed. Additional preparation may be required to augment bone, if required. The treatment plan provided outlines a list of things the patient needs to know and do for a successful procedure. Tobacco products are to be discontinued; and the area around the implant must be kept clean in order to prevent infection.

Once the implant has been placed, healing ensues. Throughout the healing period, the implanted post will be incorporated by jawbone … a process known as osseointegration.

Advantages of A Dental Implant

On the day of completion, an abutment is affixed to the implant. A cosmetic restoration has been prepared that matches surrounding teeth. It is tried in for fit; then cemented to the abutment. At this time treatment is complete.

The patient can now enjoy all of their favorite meals, speak without concern of slippage or movement from their newly placed tooth, and smile with self-confidence as their new tooth blends so naturally no one can tell the implant from their natural teeth.

Caring for the implanted tooth is no different from what is done for all teeth. Brush and floss daily; and visit Forever Young Dentistry for cleanings and dental exams as often as prescribed. You can feel free to enjoy life as if tooth loss never occurred making dental implants the ideal tooth replacement solution.