Will my dental crown be noticeable?

dental crown Sterling HeightsThe uses for a dental crown are plentiful. A tooth suffering from deep dental decay or a fracture can be saved; a restoration following root canal therapy can seal a tooth; or a covering for a dental implant can be provided … dental crowns play a significant role in the ability for patients to enjoy a beautiful restoration that is virtually undetectable.

And thanks to the Planmeca Fit System, the need for a dental crown can be diagnosed, manufactured, and delivered all on the same day.

Advantages of Same Day Crowns

Anyone that has gone through the rigors of a traditional crown prep will certainly appreciate all the luxuries afforded with same day crowns.

With the Planmeca Fit System, CAD/CAM technology means no more messy dental impressions. A simple picture is all that is needed to initiate this ideal treatment plan.

Temporaries are history … since you will be receiving your finished dental crown the same day, you will no longer have to endure a waiting period wearing a temporary crown.

A beautiful porcelain crown can be milled, fitted, polished, and cemented into place quickly and efficiently.

Same Day Crowns Provide A Cutting Edge Opportunity for Patients

You can enjoy a high quality, fully functional, safe and natural looking restoration in one day. And the advantages don’t stop there.

Your dentist will be able to be much more conservative when it comes to how much of your natural tooth is removed to be fitted with this porcelain crown. And without a metal base, you will never see a dark rim making your dental crown unnoticeable.

You will be amazed at how the process works. A little block of porcelain material will be transformed into a mirror image of your tooth that will fit comfortably and perform just like your natural tooth.

Patients with a busy schedule will appreciate that they will not have to return for an additional visit to have their permanent crown delivered (or additional visits to have their temporary replaced another time or two) before their permanent crown is ready.

Thanks to this elite technology, the patient will benefit from a totally functional crown delivered in just a few hours. It will be aesthetically beautiful, will fit perfectly, and the patient will be saved from all the unpleasantries that come with being fitted with a standard crown.

To learn more about the benefits of same day crowns, contact our team at Forever Young Dentistry today.