Your Daily Oral Hygiene Routine Matters

family dentist Sterling HeightsWe need our teeth to chew, speak clearly, and smile comfortably. It is very important for every member of your family to have a daily oral hygiene routine to keep teeth healthy and looking their best. Visiting the family dentist every six months will also help maintain great oral health.

What Is Involved in a Daily Routine?

Teeth brushing: The correct toothbrush is key. A soft bristle brush is adequate to keep teeth clean and remove food particles when used twice daily. The technique also matters; never employ a back and forth sawing motion. Moderate pressure using a circular motion will help prevent premature gum recession and help preserve dental enamel. It is also important to brush for two minutes at least twice daily.

Toothpaste: A fluoridated toothpaste is recommended to help prevent dental decay.

Flossing: While brushing reaches about two thirds of the teeth’s surfaces, we rely on flossing to clean the remaining areas. There are many types of floss available so finding one that works best for you should be easy. It is only necessary to floss once daily … at night before bed helps to remove harmful food particles.

Diet: Watching sugar and carbohydrate consumption is helpful for overall health, but is a must for a healthy mouth. Soda should not be a part of your daily diet. Water is a much better option, but unsweetened coffee and tea are okay as well.

The Importance of Regular Dental Visits

Regular visits to your family dentist are very important. Having teeth cleaned removes tartar that has formed on teeth since your last cleaning. And although you may be very vigilant about your daily routine, there is a likelihood that some tartar has formed. Removing this build-up protects teeth from decay and the possibility of gum disease.

When necessary, x-rays will be taken, and following a thorough cleaning, teeth are polished to look their best. A dental exam is performed, and while this may take just a few minutes, it is an important step. Not only is your dentist looking for problems like cavities, but this exam may identify more serious conditions like the onset of oral cancer.

You can readily see how important these regular visits can be – they could ultimately save your life.

If it’s time to schedule your next exam and cleaning, contact our team at Forever Young Dentistry today.