Q: What Is The Quickest Option For Repairing Decayed Teeth?

At Forever Young Dentistry, we offer same-day crowns using the E4D system. This advanced type of crown will repair your decayed tooth by putting a porcelain cap over it in just one office visit. Putting a porcelain cap over the damaged tooth will give your smile a better appearance and better functionality! The E4D system is one of the only options of its kind in the world, and we have it at Forever Young Dentistry!

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Q: Why Should I Choose Dental Implants To Replace Missing Teeth?

When you lose teeth, the best option to repair your smile is most assuredly dental implants. The reason that implants are the best replacement option is because they replace the roots of the missing teeth. When the roots are replaced, it ensures that there will be no bone or gum tissue deterioration. If the roots aren’t replaced, bone and gum tissue will deteriorate because they no longer have a tooth to support.

Q: How Do I Choose The Correct Toothbrush?

When you are cleaning your teeth at home, the number one thing that will keep your teeth clean and your oral health at an optimal level is a great toothbrush! When you’re choosing a toothbrush, there are a number of things to look for that will give you the edge you need to clean your teeth the best you can. The first thing you should do is consult your dentist. Dr. Young may have advice for you personally that can lead to cleaning your teeth better.

Typically, what you’ll be looking for in a toothbrush will include:

  • Choosing a toothbrush with the ideal hardness of the bristles. Soft-bristled toothbrushes are usually preferred because they won’t damage your gums when they make contact with them.
  • Choosing the correct toothbrush head shape. Each person’s mouth is shaped differently, and finding the toothbrush head that fits your mouth, in particular, is very important for comfort.
  • Finding what best suits you. If there is a handle that works better for you or a size of toothbrush that works for you, you should use those.

Finding a perfect toothbrush can be the difference between a cavity and a perfect oral bill of health!