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Dr. Young Explains the Dental Implant Process



Free Consultations To Find Out What Best Suits Your Smile

If you’re unsure about what your smile needs to look and function the way that it should, you can come into Forever Young Dentistry for a free implant consultation, and we’ll figure out a plan to give you what you want and what’s best for you. Dr. Young will sit down with you and give you a personalized plan for what he thinks you should do to improve your smile!

Types of Implants We Offer At Forever Young Dentistry

We like to offer as many options as we can so that you can choose how you want to fix your smile to give it the look you desire.

Types of dental implants:

  • Single Tooth Implants – A single dental implant will replace a tooth root and allow you to restore your smile and chewing ability. This is perfect for a patient who has recently lost a tooth but can also be used to replace a bridge.
  • Multiple Tooth Implants – Missing several teeth is no problem with multiple tooth implants. We can create a custom bridge and restore your smile completely!
  • Implant-Retained Dentures – This method involves a few implants that are strategically placed in your jaw and attached to a set of dentures to hold them securely in place. If you are tired of your slippery dentures, ask about implant-retained dentures!
  • Same-day Smiles – These dentures can be placed in one day. They are perfect for patients who have had dental implants placed and are waiting for their permanent teeth.

Dental Implants In Sterling Heights, MI

If you have found yourself in the position of having to replace your missing teeth, Forever Young Dentistry has an incredibly healthy option in the form of dental implants. When teeth fall out, you are immediately putting your oral health in jeopardy if you don’t find a way to replace them. The reason that your oral health is may be in trouble is because when teeth fall out, the bone and gum tissue surrounding the tooth that was once there will start to deteriorate.

The reason that your gum tissue and bone will begin to deteriorate is because they no longer have a tooth to support. When teeth are lost, the roots of the teeth go with them, and that is what keeps the bone and gum tissue alive around the teeth. When bone and tissue deteriorate, you are making yourself more susceptible to things like gum disease, other teeth shifting, and other types of infections.

Another aspect aside from having an effect of your oral health is that missing teeth greatly affect your appearance. When bone in your jaw deteriorates, it shrinks the size of your jaw to the point where it begins to look a little out of the ordinary. Your jaw shrinking can also make you look older than you really are because it will add wrinkles to your face and cause your skin to droop. Everyone has seen someone who has that look of having no teeth, indicated by the tiny lower jaw. At Forever Young Dentistry, we want to help you avoid having that unnecessary look that goes along with bone deterioration in your jaw.

How Dental Implants Will Better Your Oral Health And Appearance

We’ve discussed all of the ways that missing teeth will affect your oral health and appearance. So, how can you ensure that bone and tissue loss doesn’t take hold of your smile? The answer is simple: you need to replace missing teeth with dental implants at Forever Young Dentistry! Implants will replace the roots of your missing teeth and make sure that you don’t suffer from bone and tissue loss.

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