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Treating Your Dental Emergency At Forever Young Dentistry

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Dr. Young on emergency visits

Well, we try to get people in the same day. I think it's extremely important. If you call us in the morning, we're going to have you in. If your problem is a little more complicated, we may not be able to provide a complete solution, but it's very important for us to make you comfortable so that you can sleep. I also find if you're not able to be comfortable, then you don't necessarily make the best decision about what your treatment is, moving forward. I think that's great; we try to triage the problem immediately, get you out of pain, and then talk about options. I also think it's important to be available after hours, so my mobile number is on the answering machine and I encourage people, if you have a problem, call me. People always apologize for bothering me, but really, that's why I'm there. I'm here for those situations where they need help.

Imagine the frustration that you’d feel if you were to have a dental emergency in the middle of the night with nobody to reach out to because your dentist doesn’t offer an after-hours emergency plan for you to follow. You’d be stuck waiting until your dentist office opens while your dental emergency goes untreated. If this was the case, you most assuredly wouldn’t be left with the feeling that your dentist cares about you. Why not choose a dentist that will accommodate your dental emergency no matter what time your emergency happens? That is what we can do for you at Forever Young Dentistry! We will show you that our patients come first in the event of your dental emergency.

How We’ll Take Care Of Your Dental Emergency

When your dental emergency happens, we want to see you and treat you as soon as possible. “As soon as possible” typically means that we will see you and treat you within the same day of your emergency. When your emergency arises, your first action should be making a call to our office. If you call our office after hours, it will ring until the answering machine gives you the emergency number to call so that you can alert Dr. Young and his staff that you have an emergency. When your emergency happens, we will treat you no matter what day it is because we care about you and yours at Forever Young Dentistry!

Keeping Knocked-Out Teeth Alive

Oftentimes, a dental emergency involves a tooth being knocked out. If this happens to you or a loved one, you should know how to preserve the knocked-out tooth because Dr. Young may be able to place it back into your mouth. When a tooth is knocked out, be sure to find the tooth immediately and place it in a glass of milk or warm tap water. Doing this will help keep the tooth alive and hydrated so it will be ready to be placed back into your mouth.

Also, to clean your mouth, swish around warm tap water in your mouth to clear it of all sediment that has accumulated from losing your tooth. Finally, place a bag of ice on the affected area to combat swelling. After you take these steps, you will be ready to see the doctor to have your dental emergency treated.

Planning For Your Dental Emergency

One thing that will help the treatment of your dental emergency go smoothly is having a set plan in the case of one occurring. Be sure to have a ride ready so you can get to our office quickly and know any other personal steps you need to take so you can get to our office and recover from your emergency fully.

If you have a dental emergency or questions about how we will treat your dental emergency, call 586-795-5678 or use our simple online contact form.

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