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Family Dentistry In Sterling Heights, MI

One thing that is difficult to find is a dental practice that will treat you and your entire family at an elite level. That is what we provide at Forever Young Dentistry: a family atmosphere that matches up with elite dental service. Something that makes a dental practice good at what they do is experience, and that is what we work hard to display: the experience of working with children and adults and giving amazing dental services to all ages.

When Should You Bring Your Child To The Dentist?

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Dr. Young on family dentistry

If you are interested in having high-quality care in a comfortable place with people that are nice and treat you very well, we're your practice. If you're looking for the cheapest dentist, that's not us. We pride ourselves in very high-quality care, and high-quality service. We're not a commodity. We believe in being different than just about anywhere else you can go. We pride ourselves in being excellent. If you're looking for high-quality care, great service, great people, in a comfortable, fun environment, then we're for you.

During the first few years of your child’s life, there are dozens of benchmarks. Their first word, first step, and, of course, the first tooth. The first tooth is a huge deal for parents because it means your child will soon begin eating a whole new range of foods. Parents are typically diligent about scheduling appointments with their child’s primary care physician, but we encourage parents to also keep the dentist in their child’s health plans.

We are happy to see your child when their first tooth pops up, and then we’ll start gentle cleanings and exams when they get a little older. The earlier you start your child’s dental visits, the better. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, children who visit the dentist before their first birthday are less likely to need restorative care or experience dental procedures when they get older. Furthermore, it’s our belief that early exposure to the dentist is one of the best defenders against dental fear. Millions of Americans skip dental appointments every year because they are afraid of the dentist or the procedures. When children feel comfortable at the dentist, they are more likely to carry that positive relationship into adulthood.

What Will Your Child’s First Dental Visit Look Like?

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Genavieve & Corinn on how Dr. Young takes care of their family

He is a very friendly guy and just great with kids also. My siblings love him. He's very reasonable, teaches us good hygiene and just everything positive. You got to know how to treat a big family, it's all chaotic. He is perfectly fine with everything and he takes every thing so well. If one of the kids is acting up here he'll ... It's all fine. If some kid doesn't like to have their teeth cleaned or whatever, he makes it fun for them. It's good, everybody enjoys it here.

I like the hygienists. They are always talking to you, and they ask you What's up? How've you guys been? They know you like you're family, even though we only come here like twice a year. They all know us and they love us, even though we're like she said Crazy and chaotic. It's always chaotic when we come here. They treat us very well. They're very kind and loving. Even if the kids are throwing fits, they always find someway to treat them awesome. They have the prize box and they're like, Yeah you were so good. You can pick two prizes instead. The kids get all excited so it's really nice.

I would tell them that he is very reasonable, a very kind person, generous. It's just the people, they're very nice and they don't care about money, as much as they care about you having a good dentist office to go to ... just getting your teeth in good shape.

I love my smile and I'm just very thankful for the care doctor Young has put into me.

Your child’s first visit is all about education. Think of it like a well-baby check you have with your primary care physician. We’ll sit with your little one and check their baby teeth and monitor their tooth, jaw, and gum development. Our staff loves working with kids and takes the extra step to give them a positive and fun experience at the dentist. Your little one will even get to “ride” in the chair!

By the time your child is 3 years old, we’ll start with gentle cleanings and exams to make sure their baby teeth are healthy and strong. Cleaning baby teeth is just as important as maintaining permanent teeth. Studies show that about one in four American children 4 years old or younger have had tooth decay. In some cases, we see children as young as 2 years old with cavities. Tooth decay is the number one chronic disease in children, and it can lead to dental emergencies and missed school days.

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Tamara on family dentistry

Oh, there's nobody like Dr. Young. He is amazing with children, and having 9 children, I can't tell you what a relief it is when the kids actually look forward to go to the dentist instead of scream and cry. He goes the extra mile. For example, one time one of our daughters, her filling was so big that it actually came out. He came in here on a Saturday just to put the filling in, but he did all of that for her, because he didn't want her to be in the pain. That's just the kind of doctor he is. It's so worth it to drive 45 minutes. It's nothing for me because it's hard to find someone that's as caring as he is. Not only is he wonderful, and kind, and caring, but he really, really knows what he's doing. That means a lot to me especially coming from ...

I have a severe health history. I've had heart failure and all kinds of things, so when I research a doctor, I want to make sure that they know what they're doing. Not just that they're nice and everything, and so that's what I love about Dr. Young, is he really knows his stuff, and you can rest assured that whatever he tells you to do is the best thing that you need to do at that time.

We love Forever Young Dentistry.

Generally, patients who have a fear of the dentist are not introduced to the dentist early in their lives, which makes them more likely to need extensive restorative dental procedures. That doesn’t have to be the case for your child. By having your child visit our office at a young age, you can rest assured that they’ll learn proper oral health hygiene and understand the importance of healthy teeth. We take pride in teaching children about dentistry, as it makes for a healthier community – and it’s easier on Mom and Dad’s pocketbook!

Our staff at Forever Young Dentistry is experienced in working with your whole family because we have worked with families for as many as 20 years or longer! Also, many of our team members have their own family at home. Our treatment of your family will mirror the beautiful office that we operate out of on a daily basis. We work extremely hard to be a patient-oriented dental practice, and we hope it shows when your bring your family in for their next dental appointment at Forever Young Dentistry!

Help your family keep their teeth and body healthy. Call our office today at 586-795-5678 to schedule your child’s first visit or use our convenient online form to set up an appointment.

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