Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Restore Your Mouth and Improve Your Overall Health

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Dr. Young on full mouth reconstruction

A Full Mouth Reconstruction would be appropriate for someone who's missing a lot of teeth, or someone who's going to lose teeth and we need to talk about replacement options. A Full Mouth Reconstruction might be appropriate for someone who has badly worn teeth, either from grinding over many years, or a bite issue, the teeth not fitting together well, and then they wear their teeth down. In order to restore them back to the way they were, so that they can chew and eat well, and smile and not be ashamed of their smile, Full Mouth Reconstruction would be appropriate in that case. It could involve Orthodontics, maybe with Invisalign, maybe with traditional braces. It could involve veneers, crowns, bridges and implants. Every person is different in what they're presenting to me, and what options might be available to them.

While our goal is to fix dental problems as they arise, in some cases, patients need extensive dental reconstruction. At Forever Young Dentistry, we treat patients of all ages and dental complications. We take pride in helping patients get their smiles back and giving them the ability to eat the food they love again.

There are millions of Americans with missing teeth or total tooth loss – and that’s not counting the number of people living with bad teeth. Sadly, people sometimes don’t realize the importance of their teeth until the teeth begin to fail. Whether your teeth are broken down or have been gone for years, our office can help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.

Patients who have multiple dental issues may be candidates for our full-mouth reconstruction service. One of the most common ways to restore your mouth is with dental crowns and cosmetic restorations like porcelain veneers. This, of course, means that you need to have healthy and sound teeth to support the restorations. If you have missing teeth, we can explore other options.

Get Your Teeth Back With Dental Implants

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Dr. Young on dental implants

To me, a dental implant would be my ideal choice to replace a missing tooth. The actual process is pretty simple. Because we have 3D technology right in the office, I would take a three-dimensional image of the space where the tooth is missing. Then we have software to plan out the actual procedure on the computer ahead of time. I know exactly where the implant's going to be. This lowers risk, lowers stress for the patient, and it makes the appointment more efficient.

We would bring the patient in after having planned it, local anesthetic. The whole process would take about an hour. We know that an implant is the most successful thing we do. We know that a bridge, which would be my second choice, on average lasts only 15 years. While the implant may be a lot more costly upfront, I think in the long run you're better off if you're a candidate, if you have enough bone, if your medical conditions allow you to have that, an implant would be my number one choice to replace a missing tooth every time.

Missing teeth or dentures don’t have to define you – and they certainly don’t have to be a life sentence! There are new ways to replace your teeth and get back to eating the food you want. Our office uses dental implants to replace single missing teeth or to stabilize dentures and bridges. The dental implants, made from titanium, integrate with the jawbone over time and become the roots for your permanent restoration. Dental implants have become a popular option for patients with removable dentures. Standard dentures can serve as great aesthetic tooth replacements, but they do not provide the biting force you need to maintain a healthy diet.

Dental implants give you about 90 percent of the biting power you had with natural teeth. That means the foods you love are back on the menu! No more cutting your corn off the cob or not ordering the food you really want at your favorite restaurant. In many cases, we can extract the teeth and place dental implants with a restoration on the same day.

Restore Worn Teeth With Dental Crowns

The biggest secret behind providing a full-mouth reconstruction is offering the right technology. At Forever Young Dentistry, we can restore your smile in one visit with E4D same-day crowns. This includes CAD/CAM technology that allows us to take an impression of your tooth and develop a permanent crown in one day. Most dental offices in the area place crowns over two or three visits, but with E4D technology, we can have your permanent crowns ready in about 90 minutes. The benefit here is that you walk away with beautiful, permanent teeth and do not have to wear uncomfortable, ill-fitting temporary crowns. The digital impression also ensures that we achieve a great fit, and the machine is able to match the crown to the natural shade of your teeth.

Your teeth play a vital role in helping you maintain a healthy smile and healthier life. If you’re struggling with missing or bad teeth, you don’t have to suffer any longer. We have a variety of solutions for your dental problems. Call us today at 586-795-5678 or use the online form to book an appointment.

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