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Steve G on General Dentistry

When I first came in here, on my first visit, I know I two teeth that had to be extracted. They're going to be extracted from a dentist who had retired. They were bothering me, seriously bothering me. They hurt. Right away, the doctors set up a plan to have those two teeth removed. Made me feel much better. I don't really enjoy going to the dentist but I do look forward to my visits here because I know Dr. Young is going to take of me, is going to do a good job.

When I leave this practice, I have no pain and when the numbness wears off, there's no pain as well. That's one thing I really like about this practice. In the past, I've had some problems when I've had some dental work done, if it's something major. I'm really happy with the way things are going. My teeth look better. I feel better personally. I know I've met a nice dentist and a nice staff. I just feel good. They're so friendly when I come in here, so friendly.

If you are looking for a general dentist for you and your family in Sterling Heights, Troy, Rochester Hills, Rochester, or Birmingham, we have you covered at Forever Young Dentistry! We offer superior general dentistry services when it comes to cleanings, exams, sealants, fillings, athletic mouthguards, dry mouth treatments, and periodontal gum disease treatment. No matter the general dentistry service that you need, we assure you that any service at Forever Young Dentistry will be elite.

Cleanings & Exams

Dental cleanings and exams are the procedure that we perform most at Forever Young Dentistry. We take pride in sending you and your family out the door with a clean, healthy smile. You will even have the assurance of Dr. Young providing oral cancer screenings using VELscope. We stress the importance of preventive dentistry, and we will provide you with a plan to keep your teeth clean and healthy – not just in our office but also at home.

Sealants To Protect Against Decay

Dental sealants are plastic coatings are painted onto the surface of your teeth to protect against tooth decay. They are usually placed onto the chewing surfaces of your teeth. This ensures that the part of the teeth that are used most don’t suffer any serious decay, which will have an effect on your smile’s health and functionality.

Fill Your Cavities With Composite Fillings

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Don on Dental Fillings

Well, when I came to Dr. Young, I had been with one of these chain dentist organizations and was not happy with it. When I came here, they did a analysis of the oral work that needed to be done. As a result I ended up having a lot of old, big fillings and lead in my teeth pulled out, teeth caped. It was wonderful to get caps done in less than a couple of hours versus the old traditional way of getting a tooth caped. After work has been done here, I have never had to return to Dr. Young even for an adjustment on the dental work that's been done. I have no problem chewing, there's no pain ever. I associate that with the type of dentistry that I'm now receiving, because this is not a cookie box dentist. This is a dentist whose staff and the dentist care about you as an individual. They're truly concerned over your dental health, and they do one quality job.

At Forever Young Dentistry, we choose not to fill your cavities with old-fashioned metal fillings because they put dark blemishes directly in the middle of your teeth. Instead, we use composite tooth-colored fillings that are made from a mixture of glass and plastic. They are sturdy and effective in filling your cavities!

Athletic Mouthguards To Protect Your Mouth From Damage

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Dr. Young on custom fit mouth guards

Custom fit mouth guard, is much better than what you can buy in a store. It's going to fit better, it's going to stay in better, it's going to be a better fit for the bite. Just speaking of customized mouth guards, I can't tell you how many kids I've seen where half their front teeth has been knocked out. That actually happened to me, so it's important to me. That starts the cycle of big filling, bigger filling and then a crown. If we can prevent that from happening in the first place that would be great.

It's a very easy process, we just take an impression and we send it to the lab. They are custom fit like I said, and they reduce trauma to the teeth and injury to the bone and maybe even concussions. It's a little more expensive than what you can get in the store but I think it's worth it.

If you or your loved ones are on the field of play without the protection that is provided by an athletic mouthguard, you are running the risk of having damage inflicted on your teeth, gums, or tongue. At Forever Young Dentistry, we can fit you with a custom-made triple-layered mouthguard that will protect you or a loved one from concussions and teeth damage while playing their favorite sport.

Dry Mouth Treatments

We combat dry mouth very often at Forever Young Dentistry, and we take it very seriously because it can cause tooth decay. If you are having problems with a dry mouth, we will fight it by giving you mouthrinse and prescription-strength toothpaste. We want you to have a healthy smile!

Periodontal (Gum) Disease Treatment

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Dr. Young on gum disease

We'll do a risk analysis to see whether you're at risk for gum disease. We'll see where you're at right now. We'll ask you questions about your family, we'll ask you questions about your medical history. We believe that healthy body begins with a healthy mouth, so we can predict based on person's medical condition whether they will be at high risk for having gum disease. Then we'll take specific measurements where the gums are and bone right now, and then based on that risk we will then make different recommendations how to reduce that risk.

It might be they need to come in a little bit more frequently. Maybe we need a little bit deeper cleaning. Maybe they need an antibiotic in a specific spot. Maybe they need to have a deep cleaning and general antibiotics. Then we reevaluate, if you're at high risk, you probably need to be here a little bit more frequently and we'll constantly monitor how we're doing.

Gum disease is loss of the supporting structures of the tooth, the gums, and the bone. If left untreated, it will eventually lead to tooth loss, pain, inability to chew. It will affect how you're eating, it will affect how you feel about your smile, and will affect your overall health.

Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is another condition that we take very seriously, and we fight against gum disease by using traditional yet effective treatments. We use scaling and root planing to eradicate gum disease without the use of surgery. If you have gum disease, let us treat you and return your mouth back to fantastic condition!

If you are in need of any of our general dentistry services, call 586-795-5678 to make an appointment or use our simple online contact form. We want to see you smile at Forever Young Dentistry!

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