Relieving Dental Anxiety

Relieving Your Dental Anxiety At Forever Young Dentistry

Many people across the world suffer from dental anxiety. People may have dental anxiety for a number of reasons, whether it stems from a bad experience at the dentist or just feeling helpless while in the dental exam chair. Whatever your reason may be, you should know that anxiety brought on by trips to the dentist’s office is a normal occurrence, and it’s something that we deal with quite a bit at Forever Young Dentistry.

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Ted on overcoming Dental Anxiety

I know with my fear, it came from the folks. My folks. They always went, Oh, you're going to be okay. Everything will be fine. It'll just hurt for a little while. Michael, in particular, and obviously his staff, have done an amazing job on making that go away. Even at my age of 73, I mean, there are still times where I won't sleep the night before going, Oh men, I'm going to go to the dentist. I hate it when this happens and everything else. The fear of dentistry, I always laugh with him. I go, If you hurt me, I will hurt you back. He states, You're going to be fine. Everything is great. It is. I am constantly amazed when I walk out of this building, I have to remind myself that, Okay, now the next time I have to go see Mike, I'll be fine. Just relax and know that this is a great place to come get the best treatment in the world. The girls are sensational. You come in to get your teeth cleaned or whatever.

Since we have seen quite a few cases of dental anxiety, we know how to handle it properly. We also realize that different people suffer from different types of anxiety, and they all must be treated differently. That is why we offer a few different options to ease your dental anxiety because we want you to be comfortable at your appointment at Forever Young Dentistry!

How We Will Ease Your Dental Anxiety In Sterling Heights, MI

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Dr. Young on dental anxiety

I think you need to first put yourself in the patient's shoes. It's easy for me, because I'm claustrophobic. I've been in an MRI tube before. I don't like it and I imagine that's how they feel when they're in my chair, so I try to be empathetic towards that, and do everything I can to make the situation more comfortable. I really take pride in giving painless injections. We don't use the word shot here. We don't use the word needle. We buffer our anesthetic, which takes the bee sting out of the numbing process, so just by putting myself in the patient's shoes ... I think it's also good to be a patient once in a while. You remember what it's like, so walking in their footsteps a little bit really helps.

There are a number of ways that dental practices choose to deal with their patients’ dental anxiety. Some choose to go the route of using sedation to ease the anxiety of patients. This will ensure that they are relaxed during their dental procedure. Having a dentist who knows how to properly administer sedation can be very valuable. Other dental practices choose to go in the direction of easing anxiety through trying to make the patient relaxed with a comfortable office and personable staff.

At Forever Young Dentistry, we choose to take the best-of-both-worlds approach to easing dental anxiety. What we mean by this is that we will treat your anxiety with a combination of sedation and comforting you with our office and staff. We will do what it takes to make sure that you and your loved ones are at ease during your appointment!

Our Sedation Options

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Dr. Young on amenities they offer for patients with anxiety

First of all we have the nitrous oxide or the laughing gas and that helps a lot of people just relax and get through a procedure. If that's not enough we can prescribe a prescription strength medicine, that they take an hour before the appointment. We just ask that they have a driver. That generally helps most people through their anxiety to get the work done that they need to get done. Then I think it's just my team and how they handle people. Just the tone of their voice, their empathy and all the comforts that we have in the room. I think those things in combination are enough to make it comfortable for people to get through the process.

You will have the option of a couple of sedation dentistry techniques that will help to ease your dental anxiety while at Forever Young Dentistry. The first option is through the oral ingestion of a Valium pill. This will work to relax you for the dental work you are about to have done. Our second option is through the application of nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”). This will be administered by Dr. Young, and you will be given just enough to the point where you are completely relaxed for your procedure.

Our Friendly Staff Easing Your Anxiety

The other way we will soothe your dental anxiety is greeting you and treating you with our personable, calming staff. Our staff has a great deal of experience in dealing with stressed patients, and no matter how stressed out you are, our staff will always be patient and treat you with kindness. During your visits, you will always find that you are comfortable in our office. We have gone the extra mile to make sure that our office is elite in offering comfort.

If you suffer from dental anxiety, call Forever Young Dentistry at 586-795-5678 to make an appointment, or use our simple online contact form.

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