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Root Canals

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Matt on Root Canal Treatment

You know, I've had two root canals done overall and I called Mike, actually, for a recommendation to a root-canal specialist not even knowing that he did that. It was really nice not to have to go to another dental office with somebody you don't know to have a special procedure done that might or might not be painful. A lot of times, if you've never had it done, it can be kind of anxiety because, you know, a lot of the unknown, but being able to come here and have him do it kind of removed a lot of that anxiety over the procedure, knowing that how he takes care of you on a regular basis with regular dental practices could be applied to the same time as a root canal. It was a real pleasure to be able to come to the same guy you always do to have that process done.

Mike's got a great bedside manner because he has a tendency to keep it light. He likes, I'm going to say joke and have fun, but I think he might do that more with me than he would with somebody else, but I think that's really his expertise is his ability to mirror and match and adjust his style to the person in the chair to make them comfortable. With me, he keeps it light and has fun where I think with other people, he has another nurturing type tendencies to make them feel comfortable.

If you are suffering from a toothache, it is extremely necessary that you visit Forever Young Dentistry to figure out what exactly is going on with your tooth. A toothache may indicate that you need a root canal procedure, which will eliminate the painful infection in one of your tooth’s pulp chambers. A pulp chamber is in the middle of your tooth, and it contains the root canal system and pulp of the tooth. Pulp inside of the tooth is made up of blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerves and is a key aspect of why your teeth stay alive.

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Dr. Young on root canal treatment

When I was in school, rotary nickel titanium files were being introduced. I believe this has revolutionized root canal treatment. It's easier for the dentist. We have better results. It's not so scary for patients. Root canals don't have to hurt. I've had people fall asleep on my during root canals. If you treat the tooth in a timely manner, it can be a completely painless procedure. If you wait until you have a bad toothache, it can be a little bit more difficult. However, we use buffered anesthetic so we're able to get really hot teeth numb and comfortable. We can handle that in a very comfortable fashion. Like I said, we've had people fall asleep. I think it's unfair when people joke about, say, I'd rather have a root canal procedure.

Infection of the pulp of the tooth usually occurs when there is decay that goes deep into the tooth to where the pulp chamber resides. The pulp chamber can also become infected when there have been repeated procedures on a tooth, and infection creeps its way in. Other ways that the pulp chamber becomes infected include extreme damage to a tooth and gum disease.

The Root Canal Process

Preliminary Steps:

If Dr. Young determines that you need a root canal procedure, the very first thing that needs to happen is that he will remove the decay that caused the infection of the pulp chamber. At this point, we will figure out if the decayed part that we are removing can be restored. If it can be restored, we will do so with a filling, and if it can’t be restored, other options will be examined.

Administering Anesthesia:

To prepare you for your root canal procedure, Dr. Young will administer anesthesia to ensure that you feel no pain throughout the procedure. It is a common myth that root canal procedures are very painful when, in fact, they are virtually painless because of anesthesia. Also, for those with dental anxiety, sedation can help you calm your nerves.

Going Inside The Tooth:

Because the pulp chamber is infected, we will need to enter the inside of your tooth by making a small hole where we can remove the infected pulp. With specially designed instruments, we will clean the inside of the pulp chamber and the roots of the tooth. After the infected pulp is removed, we will then clean the inside of your tooth to ensure that the tooth suffers no further setbacks.

Recovering From Your Root Canal Procedure:

Once the inside of the tooth is clean, we will then fill the root canal with a special material and seal the hole in the tooth where we removed the infected pulp from. When we send you on your way, Dr. Young will give you an antibiotic that you will take to help with your recovery and prevent further infection in the future. Be sure to take your antibiotic as directed to ensure a complete recovery!

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