Same Day Crowns

One thing that everyone should expect from their dental practice is that they provide you and your family with the best technological dental practices possible. That is what we try to do at Forever Young Dentistry – provide you with state-of-the-art dental systems that will give you the smile you want, both accurately and quickly. Why go to a dental practice with out-of-date dental systems that will take multiple visits when you can come to Forever Young Dentistry?

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Dr. Young on same day dental crowns

We've been doing same day crowns since 2004 and it is a fantastic process. The reason I got into it originally was because it allowed me to be more conservative with my patient's tooth. I don't want to make the patient worse I want to make them better, so if they need a crown I want to accomplish that by removing as little tooth as I possibly can, and then because it's all porcelain it looks very natural. With it being all porcelain I don't have to take away as much tooth and it looks like tooth, there's no metal.

The patient comes in, we prepare the tooth, we have a digital scanner we scan the tooth right into the computer. The patient can watch it on the computer. Then we have two absolutely fantastic assistants who are certified dental designers. There are only about a dozen in Michigan and I have two of them. They'll design the crown right in front of your face using software on the computer and then we'll mill it right in the office. Patients often want to watch that milling process, and often times it's something that they use at work in their own job because we're a heavily auto industry in this area, this is what people use at work. They can watch their crown being made right there, in about fifteen minutes we can try it in the mouth, make sure it fits. Then we bake it in a porcelain oven to make it look like a tooth.

In about two hours you can have your crown placed. We never have to take an impression. We don't have to make you a temporary, there's no second visit. As a little joke I often will say, Would you like to do this today in one visit or would you like me to ruin a second day? We don't have to deal with that. People find it to be much more efficient and it just fits into their life better.

One service we offer in state-of-the-art dental care comes in the form of Planmeca Fit System same-day crowns. We used to use the CEREC same-day crown system like many other practices do, but when we discovered the Planmeca Fit same-day crown system, we had to make the switch for the benefit of our patients. We found a way to produce same-day crowns with what we believe is the better system because we knew our patients’ smiles would benefit greatly!

Not only is the material better, but the entire process is easier! There are no disgusting impressions taken. You don’t have to wear a temporary crown (which can be easily broken). There’s no need to rearrange your life around a crown placement, which traditionally takes weeks to complete. With same-day crowns, you will have one appointment and be on your way.

What The Planmeca Fit Same-Day Crown System Will Do For You

At many practices, if you needed to have a crown placed, it would take multiple visits until you would actually have your crown in your mouth and good to use. When you come to Forever Young Dentistry, you will come in for one appointment and have your crown placed that day! The best part about it is that these crowns are of the highest quality! Your new crown will not only return your smile to the beautiful look it began with (or better), but it will also give your teeth the function that they had been missing when they were damaged.

How the Planmeca Fit same-day crown system works is that when we determine you are in need of a crown, we will take a 3D scan of the tooth that needs the crown. Taking this 3D scan will give the Planmeca Fit system what it needs to be able to produce your high-quality same-day crown, and we can adjust the model crown as needed. The crown is produced while you wait, and we can place it that very same appointment!

What Materials Will Make Up Your New Crown?

For many years, dentists have used materials like amalgam, gold, and other metals to create dental crowns. These metal crowns don’t look natural in your mouth. The same-day crown system gives you a beautiful new crown made from ceramic materials that are not only natural looking, but they are also safe!

The fact that ceramic crowns are made to mirror the natural makeup of your real teeth make it possible for you to feel no sensitivity on your crown once it is placed. This means that the crown expands and retracts just like a natural tooth when it comes into contact with a food or drink that is hot or cold. It is important that a ceramic crown does this because with other crowns, something that is hot or cold may cause the crown to be subject to heightened sensitivity. Having discomfort from your crown can ruin your smile and enjoyment of eating.

Why We Want To Have The Best Technology Possible

In all areas of Forever Young Dentistry – not just with Planmeca Fit System same-day crowns – we want to provide the elite technology that will lead to beautifully functional smiles for our patients and their families. We believe that this is the right thing to do because our patients are the reason that we are able to remain the dental practice that we are, and we want to give back by being able to provide a dental crown in one appointment!

If you have questions about our same-day crowns, call Forever Young Dentistry at 586-795-5678, or you can make an appointment through our quick online contact form. We care about our patients and value their time, and that shows through our Planmeca Fit same-day crown system!

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