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Barbara on the patient care

I've just been through a long two years of multiple myeloma. He's been able to work through that. Because I couldn't have dental care, so he has worked with me through this whole long process to keep my teeth, my mouth, my smile. All that helps you inside, helps you smile, helps you feel better about yourself. That's what you need. To me, the important thing is that he cares about me. That's what's been nice about coming here is he was so good to me. I would recommend it in a heartbeat. I have always said, if you need a dentist, come here. They're friendly, they're kind, they're caring. They know you. It's like a family. That's important when somebody's taking care of you.

Our amazing office at Forever Young Dentistry located in Sterling Heights, MI, offers a number of amenities that make us hard to beat. These include a beautifully modern facility with state-of-the-art services, television and music in the treatment rooms, pillows to make your stay more comfortable, lip balm given at the beginning of your appointment that you can take home, free water, coffee, and tea in the waiting room – and we also bake fresh bread in the office! These are just a few of the things that make Forever Young Dentistry elite.

To tour our office in person, call us at 586-795-5678 to make an appointment, or use our simple online contact form.

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