Why Choose Forever Young Dentistry

There are numerous reasons you should choose us as your family dentist in Sterling Heights, Troy, Rochester, Rochester Hills, or Birmingham. We boast a large number of elite services that include:

  • cleanings and exams
  • athletic mouthguards
  • dry mouth treatment
  • periodontal disease treatment
  • dental emergency services
  • family dentistry relieving dental anxiety
  • veneers
  • teeth whitening
  • Invisalign
  • retainers
  • gum reshaping
  • smile makeovers
  • snap on smile
  • tooth bonding
  • root canals
  • tooth extractions
  • crowns
  • bridges
  • implants
  • TMJ/teeth grinding treatments

We also offer an amazingly experienced team and beautiful office! Your family will feel right at home at Forever Young Dentistry!

Same-Day Crowns In Sterling Heights, MI

At Forever Young Dentistry, we want our patients to have the best available services to give them a beautiful smile. That is why we invested in the Planmeca Fit same-day crown system. The Planmeca Fit same-day crown system is one of the only systems of its kind in the world! This amazingly convenient system makes it possible to produce and place porcelain crowns in just one office visit!

At other dental practices, you will go in to have a dental crown placed and in the first visit, you will have your teeth molded so an outside lab can produce your crowns. When your molds are sent to an outside lab, it could take weeks until you will be able to come back in and have your dental crowns placed. You’ll have to live with a damaged tooth that is in need of a crown for weeks. At Forever Young Dentistry, we will produce and place your crown in one day! You can’t beat that!

What Makes Forever Young Dentistry Elite In Dental Care

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Dr. Young on office technology

People often comment about our technology and joke about what's our latest toy. That's been very important to me. We started off over ten years ago with digital x-rays. The reason I felt that was important is that we could get an image with 90% less radiation than with traditional dental x-ray film. We also have CAD cam, chair side technology, which means I can make you a crown in one visit. The best thing about that technology is that it allows me to be very conservative with your tooth. There's no metal in the crown. It's all porcelain and so it looks very natural. We don't have to take away as much tooth.

Then it's convenient. There's no temporary. There's no impression. There's no goop. There's no gagging. We just have a digital impression wand. We scan your tooth in the computer. We design the crown and we mill it right then in one visit. We also have panoramic x-ray technology, which is an image of, we can get both jaws and all the teeth and see the bone levels and sinus. We now have 3D technology, which means I can look at a tooth all the way around. This allows us to find cracks in teeth, abscesses, conditions that we can't see on a flat two dimensional x-ray. It improves our diagnostic ability and saves time for the patient.

We would have to previously send that patient somewhere else to get this image. That means there's a delay. They may be in pain. They're uncomfortable until we can actually figure out what's happening and treat them. Now we can do it right here in the office. I think technology if used appropriately is fantastic and we pride ourselves on being up-to-date. (Music playing).

One of the reasons that make us elite includes a beautiful, modern facility that reflects high-quality treatment we provide. We also have state-of-the-art technology including cone beam imaging, digital X-rays, and same-visit crowns. These type of state-of-the-art services prove we are willing to go the extra mile to make our patients happy. Also, when you’re getting treated back in our exam rooms, you’ll be comfortable because you’ll have the option of listening to music or watching television!

How You’ll Be Treated At Forever Young Dentistry

Dr. Young took special attention when hiring his team because he wanted to make sure that they were quality dental professionals. The first thing he looked for was the quality of care – he wanted his team to treat patients like they are part of our own family. Second, he wanted his team to have a great attention to detail and be highly patient-oriented.

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Carrie on why she loves coming to see Dr. Young

Well, I really enjoy coming to Dr. Young's Forever Young Dentistry. I can tell you that I work in the dental industry so it's been just the most enjoyable services, whether it's for the dental cleanings, myself, my husband, our two daughters come her, so all of us are totally satisfied from both the hygiene standpoint and with what other dental work we've had to have done. I know Dr. Young has the most advanced technology. He is the most passionate about dentistry, which I know I'm getting trusted care. He definitely always has taken the education as the most important for him and his staff, so it's always cutting edge. Best practice, best patient outcome treatments. Between he and his assistants, they're always explaining the procedure. He's always checking with the patient from a comfort level, so that's again, during the procedure it's been pain free. Leaving, coming, they call, check back with you if there is any complications, they're immediately getting you back in here if there were problems, so it's just all about number one patient care. Absolutely would recommend this practice. I've talked to many of my co-workers. I actually drive about 40 minutes to this practice, so even though I don't live in this community, I drive that distance to come here for Dr. Young. As people ask me about my dentistry, what dentist you go to, certainly it's very easy for me to tell them and highly recommend Dr. Young's practice.

We also provide you with a risk-assessment program at Forever Young Dentistry, which will analyze your oral health and determine what needs to be done to prevent future issues. We want you to have excellent oral health, and that is our main goal!

If you want to choose Forever Young Dentistry as your family dentist, you will be making an excellent choice for many different reasons. We provide state-of-the-art treatment that, when mixed with a family atmosphere, makes us hard to beat! If you want to know more about what we do at Forever Young Dentistry, call us at 586-795-5678 to make an appointment, or use our simple online contact form.

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